The Most Complete Heart Team

Marshfield Clinic and Ministry Health Care work together to provide heart care as a single team.

The Marshfield Clinic and Ministry Health Care heart care team is committed to providing high-quality, cost effective, coordinated care throughout Central and Northern Wisconsin. As the largest heart program in the region, we offer local patients unparalleled care.

  • Teamwork: Close cooperation between primary care providers and specialists
  • Convenience: Multiple clinic locations, hospitals and rehab programs
  • Specialized Care: Extensive in-system access, including pediatric cardiology
  • Whole-Health Management: Access to the region's broadest range of specialists
  • Electronic Medical Records: Coordinated care, no matter where in the system you receive treatment
  • Advanced Capabilities: State-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment, innovative techniques and extensive research

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More heart specialists,
More heart procedures,
while conducting
More clinical research,
and handling
More complex cases
More convenient locations
than any other heart care program in the region.


It all adds up to certainty, confidence and peace of mind.

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More cardiology specialists and sub-specialists than any other provider in the region.

Quality Care

Take confidence in being cared for by a proven, experienced heart care program.

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Helpful information covering important heart health topics.