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Basic Information For Interested Participants Below


  •   Participants must be 18 or older
  •     IF 18 must have been out of school at least 90 days (3 Months)
  •    Classes begin August 31, 2015 and January 25, 2016
  •    Fall Session: August 31, 2015 through December 18, 2015
  •    Spring Session: January 25, 2016 through May 19, 2016
  •    Call 414-465-5802 to schedule Pre-Assessment for classes beginning in August 


Basic Literacy and Computer Skills

This class is designed to help the adult learner understand the sounds of letters and words develop vocabulary, increase ability to read independently and help understand what is read. In addition to gaining reading skills the learner will also be introduced to basic computer skills. The skills gained through this section of the class will enable the learner increase his/her technological skills both inside and outside of the classroom.

Students that complete the Pre-Assessment and assigned to this program are required to bring two (2) or more non- perishable items and complete five (5) hours of volunteer service onsite at Agape Community Center throughout the 16 week program. Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion from Agape Community Center.


Basic Skills

This course will help build the adult learners thinking skills in 4 subject areas (Math, Reading, Science and Social studies) and prepare them to move into Pre-GED classes.  Math class will cover addition, subtraction, multiplying and dividing of whole numbers, place value, decimals and fractions. Science will cover focus on basic themes such as: elements, compounds, disease and disease transmission. Social Studies will teach basic understanding of the word we live in as it involves maps, politics and historical events in the United States. Reading class will incorporate comprehension, recollection abilities and writing fundamentals.

Students participating in the Basic Skills classes will be required to pay a $15 registration fee and complete five (5) hours of volunteer service onsite at Agape Community Center. Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion from Agape Community Center.


Pre-GED and GED Classes

These classes are developed to further prepare the learner for the computer bases testing to complete the General Education Diploma. These classes are vigorous and require regular attendance. Classes focus on the primary areas of the GED (Reading Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics). The materials in these classes are on a typical 9th- 12th grade comprehension level. Ability to test at such levels must be proven before moving into these classes. Successful participants will receive a diploma of completion from Wisconsin Department of Instruction.


Those entering into the Pre-GED program will have registration fee of $15. Those entering into the GED program will have a registration fee of $25. Both class participants are required to complete five (5) hours of volunteer service hours onsite at Agape Community Center.


Careerworkx Employment and Apprenticeship Success Program

This 12 week program is designed to help the learner prepare to enter the workforce or advance within their current position in the food service industry. After completion of the program the participant will have obtain a ServSafe Food Safety Certification, a First Aid/CPR/AED Certification and complete an employment plan which includes resume, mock interview and job search computer skills.

Must be 18 or older, No Diploma Required

Next class starting August 4, 2015

Cost is $100 – to be paid at Orientation

If you would like more information,

Contact Carly at 414-465-5803




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