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Agape Neighborhood Asset Map

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Click around in the map above to explore the many assets our neighborhoods have to offer!  Or, look at the table below to find specific places.  Click on a place's name to go to its website, and its address to view it on the map.


Category Name Address Phone
Parks Berryland Playground 6100 N. 42nd St.  
Parks Custer Playfield 4001 W. Custer Ave.  
Parks Douglas Ave. Playfield and Basketball Court 4001 W. Douglas Ave.  
Parks Havenwoods State Forest 6141 N. Hopkins St. 414-527-0232
Parks Lincoln Park 1301 W. Hampton Ave. 414-964-0064
Parks McGovern Park 5400 51st Blvd. 414-461-0839
Parks Meaux Park 1904 W. Villard Ave. 414-964-0064
Parks Schoenecker Park 6237 N. Hopkins St. 414-461-0839
Parks Smith Park 5462 N. 33rd St. 414-461-0839
Parks Wyrick Park 5400 W. Green Tree Rd. 414-461-0839
Parks Oak Leaf Trail W. Cameron Ave., W. Villard Ave.,
N. Green Bay Ave., N. Milwaukee River Pkwy.
Community Gardens Havenwoods Community Garden 6141 N. Hopkins St. 414-527-0232
Community Gardens McGovern Park Community Garden 4500 W. Custer Ave. 414-431-2271
Community Gardens Thurston Woods Community Garden 5974 N. 40th St.  
Non-Profits Agape Community Center 6100 N. 42nd St. 414-464-4440
Non-Profits Growing Power 5500 W. Silver Spring Dr. 414-527-1546
Non-Profits Havenwoods Economic Development Authority 6161 N. 64th St. 414-431-2274
Non-Profits McGovern Park Senior Center 4500 W. Custer Ave. 414-527-0990
Non-Profits Silver Spring Neighborhood Center 5460 N. 64th St. 414-463-7950
Non-Profits Social Development Commission 6848 N. Teutonia Ave. 414-906-2700
Libraries Villard Square Library 5190 N. 35th St. 414-286-3000
Schools Banner Prep School 5460 N. 64th St. 414-461-9561
Schools Barton Elementary 5700 W. Green Tree Rd. 414-393-3900
Schools Carter's Christian Academy 5268 N. 35th St. 414-466-3284
Schools Christ Memorial Lutheran School 5719 N. Teutonia Ave. 414-461-3371
Schools Hawthorne Elementary School 6945 N. 41st St. 414-247-7200
Schools Imani Academy 5249 N. 35th St. 414-462-8240
Schools Jared C. Bruce Academy 6090 N. 35th St. 414-438-0038
Schools Northpoint Lighthouse Charter School 4200 W. Douglas Ave. 414-461-5339
Schools Silver Spring Elementary 5131 N. Green Bay Ave. 414-247-7300
Schools Thurston Woods Campus School 5966 N. 35th St. 414-393-2800
Adult Education Milwaukee Achiever 5566 N. 69th St. 414-463-7389
Adult Education Milwaukee Job Corps 6665 N. 60th St. 414-353-5914
Restaurants Bennett's Cafe 6015 N. Teutonia Ave. 414-462-8250
Restaurants Buddy's Pizza and Steak 6239 N. Teutonia Ave. 414-462-2506
Restaurants Chicken and Grill House 3526 W. Silver Spring Dr. 414-527-6700
Restaurants Golden Chicken 3428 W. Villard Ave. 414-462-8630
Restaurants J & J Fish & Chicken 3213 W. Villard Ave. 414-466-4436
Restaurants Jo's Cafe 3519 W. Silver Spring Dr. 414-461-0210
Restaurants Soul Good Kitchen 6041B N. Teutonia Ave. 414-464-0888
Restaurants Tony's 3510 W. Villard Ave. 414-462-2239
Restaurants Yick Inn 6107 N. Teutonia Ave. 414-461-2240
Churches Abundant Faith Church of Integrity 6737 N. Teutonia Ave. 414-464-5001
Churches Christ Memorial Lutheran Church 3105 W. Thurston Ave. 414-461-3253
Churches Florist Avenue Lutheran Church 5975 N. 40th St. 414-466-3169
Churches Jabez Church of God in Christ 4001 W. Mill Rd. 414-760-6301
Churches Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall 5747 N. 29th St. 414-466-3070
Churches Mason Temple Church 6098 N. 35th St. 414-466-4342
Churches Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church 5177 N. 36th St. 414-461-7755
Churches New Life Church 3410 W. Silver Spring Dr. 414-393-1290
Churches St. Gabriel's Church of God in Christ 5363 N. 37th St. 414-578-2862
Churches Trinity Miracle Fellowship 4016 W. Silver Spring Dr. 414-464-5603
Other Milwaukee Safety Academy 6680 N. Teutonia Ave. 414-935-7994
Other St. Gabriel's Adult Day Care 5363 N. 37th St. 414-795-6397