Comprehensive Bariatric Program Process

Ministry Medical Group’s Bariatric Surgery program is a Center of Excellence. The process to a healthier you includes dietary education, psychological evaluation, consultation, sleep evaluation, upper endoscopy, support group, surgery scheduling, pre-operative evaluations - history and physical, dietary, fitness, pre-admissions appointment and surgery.

Below is a list of steps that may be required once you have attended an informational meeting and have been contacted by one of our staff members regarding insurance coverage.


Our program requires meeting with the dietitian. Most insurance companies require 3 months to 1 year of dietary classes. During this time, information is gathered about previous attempts at weight loss. If your insurance requires, you will participate in a supervised weight loss program one on one with the dietitian for the amount of time specified by your insurance company. The dietitian will educate you on the diet you will be expected to follow after surgery.  You will have appointments with the physician assistant or surgeon, and the dietitian periodically after surgery to ensure your lifetime success.


Psychological evaluations are required for all patients. Meeting with the psychologist ensures that you (the patient) have the capabilities required to commit to the dietary and exercise changes/requirements that occur with these procedures. Your psychological evaluation may require you to have ongoing therapy prior to surgery or throughout the surgical process. You must abide by the treatment plan provided in order to be considered a candidate for surgery.


You will be scheduled to see the surgeon shortly after attending an informational meeting. At your consultation appointment the surgeon will review your medical history, the appointments you have completed in the process, and an in depth explanation of the surgery you wish to have. He will also perform a brief physical examination. Please be prepared to spend approximately an hour at the office that day. Additional appointments may be made after your consultation as deemed necessary by the surgeon.


After seeing the surgeon, he may find it necessary for you to undergo a sleep study. This is an appointment with the doctor who specializes in sleep disorders. This doctor will check for the presence of sleep apnea - a serious condition that is characterized by brief interruptions in breathing during sleep.


After seeing the surgeon, he may find it necessary to perform an upper endoscopy. During this procedure, performed at the hospital, the surgeon is able to view your entire upper gastrointestinal tract through a scope.


Support groups are offered in Stevens Point and Rhinelander. Upcoming dates, times and locations are listed on our main page.


Once our office receives a letter of approval from your insurance company and you have completed all necessary pre-operative requirements it is time to meet with the surgeon once again. At that time the surgeon will explain in detail your preferred surgical procedure and its associated risks. Together we will pick a surgery date. You will sign a consent form and register for any additional pre-surgery appointments. You will need to keep all your appointments or your surgery may be canceled or postponed.


Once your surgery is scheduled, our office will make arrangements for you to have a history and physical by your primary doctor. Your family doctor will give us the "ok" that you are physically ready for surgery.


Once again, you will meet with the dietician to review post-operative diet requirements.


This evaluation is done by a physical or occupational therapist. The therapist will evaluate you pre-operatively and post-operatively. He or she will establish an exercise routine that is right for you.


A nurse from the hospital will call you prior to surgery to verify your medical history, medication and answer any questions you may have prior to having surgery.


Congratulations! This is the beginning of your new journey to a new and healthier lifestyle. Learn more about life After surgery.


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