Our Process

Five Easy Steps:

  1. Attend a free informational meeting by registering online or by calling 877.295.5868. It is important to get information about the different weight loss surgery options. At the meeting you will learn about the different procedures, what procedure might be best for you, the insurance process and the necessary appointments you will need to complete prior to surgery. The Ministry Medical Group Bariatric Surgery Program accepts most insurance plans. Please bring your insurance card to the seminar.
  2. Complete Personal History Questionnaire and obtain Letter of Medical Necessity from your Primary Care Physician. Copies of these forms will also be available at the informational meeting. Please bring completed forms with you to Informational Meeting. You may also mail or fax the completed form to the address below.
  3. If you have had weight loss surgery and are considering revision surgery, please send us a copy of your previous operative report. One of our team members will follow up with you after verification of benefits with your insurance. 
  4. After attending an informational meeting, one of our dedicated team members will contact your insurance provider to verify your benefits. Ministry Medical Group Bariatric Surgery is dedicated to assisting you through every step of the weight loss surgery process. One of our team members will follow up with you shortly after attending the seminar discuss the details with you. We also encourage you to check with your insurance to verify weight loss surgery coverage. 
  5. Additional steps that may be required: view our comprehensive next steps that may be required once you have attended an informational meeting and have been contacted by one of our staff members regarding insurance information.

Mail or fax all forms, reports or questionnaires to:

Ministry Medical Group Bariatric Surgery Program, attn: Darla
824 Illinois Avenue Stevens Point, WI  54481

Or FAX: 715.342.7963

Your First Step:

Register For Your Informational Meeting

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Your Next Step:

Fill Out Application Forms
Personal History Questionnaire

Letter of Medical Necessity


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phone: 877.295.5868

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