Barb's Reason

Finishing a half-marathon.

A woman stands at the finish line, exhausted, but overwhelmed with satisfaction. At 60 years old she just completed a half-marathon, and she’s never felt better. This woman’s name is Barbara Lepkowski, and she lost more than 130 pounds.

Barbara remembers being frustrated at not being able to enjoy her time with her grandchildren more because she simply couldn’t keep up. Her weight was also affecting her blood pressure and cholesterol, and she would often have to sleep in a chair in order to stay comfortable.

After consulting with Calvin Selwyn, Jr., MD, at Ministry Medical Group-Stevens Point, Barbara decided that gastric bypass surgery would be a good option for her. The surgery was a success, and 130 pounds later, Barbara has never felt better. She is thankful for Dr. Selwyn and his team for getting her back to enjoying life again.

And today, as she crosses the finish line, Barbara thinks back to the path that got her here. She has traveled much further than simply the distance of a half-marathon. Her journey has led her to a new life.

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