Christina's Reason

Seeing my kids graduate.

A woman sits at the top of a playground slide, ready to slide down. Her kids wait at the bottom, happy to have their mom join in the fun. This woman’s name is Christina Sessions and she lost more than 140 pounds.

Christina remembers some of the struggles she dealt with before her weight loss including sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and gastroesophageal (acid) reflux. More than anything though, she was frustrated at the fact that she was unable to play with her kids. She knew if she didn’t make a change, there was a chance she wouldn’t be around to see them graduate someday.

After consulting with Calvin Selwyn, Jr., MD, at Ministry Medical Group-Stevens Point, Christina decided to have gastric bypass surgery. After the surgery, she began attending the bariatric support group, learning how to manage what she eats as well as how to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

So today, as Christina sits at the top of the slide, overjoyed to be playing with her kids again, she can’t help but look forward. Today she watches their smiling faces on the playground, and she can’t wait to see those same smiling faces one day as they walk across the graduation stage.

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