Gary's Reason

Being around to meet my grandkids.

A man parks his bike in the shade of a tree. Not far behind, his kids join him to take in the fresh air of the park. It’s the kind of day he’s waited for with much anticipation. This man’s name is Gary McDonald and he used to weigh over 350 pounds.

Gary recalls his doctor giving him some ominous advice – if he didn’t change his lifestyle, he’d be a prime candidate for a heart attack. He says this really put his life in perspective and he began considering weight loss surgery, and after several consultations with Calvin Selwyn, Jr., MD, at Ministry Medical Group-Stevens Point, it was determined that Gary was a candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

Gary’s surgery was performed in December of 2009, after which he began attending classes focused on healthy eating, improved exercise habits, and group psychological support. Gary says Dr. Selwyn’s knowledge, along with the post procedure support he’s gotten within the whole program, have been the key to maintaining a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

So as he now rests his bike against the tree, feeling great after a beautiful bike ride, he is able to appreciate more than just the time he spends with his kids today – he is able to look forward to spending time with his grandkids many years down the road.

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