Jenni's Reason

Riding bikes with my kids.

A woman follows closely as her kids lead the way down the bike path. This is becoming her favorite place to bike - but then biking anywhere is a real treat these days. This woman’s name is Jenni Jacoby, and she lost more than 115 pounds.

Jenni says she’s been a heavy person all her life, but after having kids, she was unable to shed the extra pounds. Eventually the extra weight began to seriously affect her health and Jenni decided to attend a bariatric seminar. She then consulted with Calvin Selwyn, Jr., MD, at Ministry Medical Group-Stevens Point, who recommended a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy with single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS).

Following surgery, Jenni incorporated many lifestyle changes she learned from the bariatric program including exercise and better nutrition. She says the support group and nutritionist have been the keys to staying on a healthy track. Her confidence and energy have skyrocketed and she is “up for just about anything.”

And now, as she thinks about all the things she is able to finally do with her kids, play volleyball, swing on the swing set, and ride bikes, she is thankful for the decision she made. These moments with her kids are precious to her. Fortunately, her kids are all set to create a million more.

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