Sharon's Reason

The little things in life.

Everything is quiet but the sound of pages turning in a book. Sitting in a chair, legs crossed, a woman anticipates what’s going to happen next in the story. When the doorbell rings, she bookmarks her spot and effortlessly gets up to greet her friend. This woman’s name is Sharon, and she had bariatric surgery.

Sharon had issues with weight loss throughout her entire life. Despite her efforts, her weight fluctuated up and down, always leaving her feeling discouraged. Inspired by a friend who had lost a significant amount of weight, Sharon began researching weight loss surgery. A year after her bariatric surgery with Dr. Calvin Selwyn of Ministry Medical Group, Sharon is 90 pounds lighter, has a normal body mass index (BMI) and is in good health.

Before her surgery, Sharon missed out on many activities those surrounding her never even had to think about, like crossing her legs or getting out of a chair. Now 90 lbs. lighter, Sharon no longer worries about minor movements. In fact, she has increased her physical activity to include biking, zip-lining, swimming and cross-country skiing.

Since her surgery, Sharon has a much better quality of life and no excuses not to try new activities. If you ask Sharon there is still nothing better than a good book, but for now she is more excited to focus on the next chapter of her own story.

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