The Soehrens’ Reason

A long and healthy marriage.

Hand in hand, a couple’s arms swing briskly back and forth as four footprints leave a trace of their long walk together. They stop for a brief moment to look at each other and smile. They are newlyweds Michelle and Lance Soehren and they both had bariatric surgery.

In January of 2013, Michelle began prepping for bariatric surgery with Calvin Selwyn, Jr., MD, at Ministry Medical Group. Two months later Lance began prepping for his own. Both Michelle and Lance had an extremely positive experience with their bariatric surgeries. Michelle found the team at Ministry very supportive and positive, while Lance found the entire experience to be short and sweet with excellent care from start to finish.

Prior to surgery both Michelle and Lance had serious health issues due to their weight and struggled with even the simplest day-to-day tasks. Since her surgery on May 17, Michelle has lost 70 pounds and Lance has lost almost 100 pounds since his surgery on July 17. As individuals and a couple the Soehrens are just as happy as they were on their wedding day.

Michelle and Lance have a new found outlook on life and are optimistic about their future. And since their surgeries, have developed many new and healthy habits. They attend support groups for bariatric patients, have increased their physical activity and together go grocery shopping for healthier foods that align with their new lifestyle.

In her free time Michelle enjoys exercising often, either at home or the gym, while Lance loves to hunt when he isn’t tending to their newly opened gunsmith shop. The happy couple hopes to do many more outdoor activities together, but for now they are delighted to just walk the once challenging trail by their house. And above all else, they are grateful to Dr. Selwyn for giving them more than one reason to look at each other and smile.

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