Support Groups and Special Programs

Door County Stroke Support Group
The group is for those who have had a stroke, their families and interested friends. The group typically meets the second Thursday of each month. For more information call, please call Kelley Maravilla, OTR or Andy Anderson, PTA at 743-5566 ext. 3092at .
Prepared Childbirth
Prepared childbirth classes ready you for the birth and period after the birth of your baby. We focus on the physical and emotional needs including the new responsibilities of parenthood. We also talk about changes in relationships, breastfeeding, baby care, baby feeding, birth control, and postpartum blues.

Classes are taught by registered nurses who work in obstetrics; labor and delivery, postpartum (care of new mothers), and nursery. They work with the obstetricians and physicians who provide care for your baby. These nurses attend Prepared Childbirth Conferences in order to learn the latest information available.

Obtaining this information before the birth of your baby is very important because of shortened hospital stays. If some paperwork can prior to entering the hospital, you have more time to bond with your infant and enjoy family-centered interaction.

Classes may be attended in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Call early to register or for more information 920-746-3595.

Hearty Conditioning
Hearty Conditioning is a medically prescribed and supervised exercise program designed to improve cardiovascular fitness. An individualized exercise program is established in a group setting by registered nurses trained in cardiac rehabilitation. Patients are assisted in establishing a target pulse rate to aim for while exercising.

Class structure.Class begins with a check-in period for monitoring pulse, blood pressure, and weight. Structured group activity begins with warm-up exercises. Participants then have the option of walking, running, biking, rowing, skiing, or low-impact aerobics. The class cools down with a series of stretching/flexibility exercises. In addition to exercise, health educational mini-sessions are presented. For more information about this program, please contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator, Ministry Door County Medical Center at (920) 743-3591 or the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College at (920) 743-2207 and ask for Hearty Conditioning.

One to One
Receiving a cancer diagnosis may be one of the most challenging times of your life. Talk to someone who’s been there.

Cancer survivors have volunteered to provide support and hope. They are individuals who have experienced the same questions, concerns, and uncertainties that you do. They are survivors of similar diagnoses and have completed comparable treatment.

Contact: Oncology Department at 746-7587 or ask for any Oncology Registered Nurse

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