Urgent Care Clinic

Our new, state-of-the-art urgent care clinic is now serving patients seven days a week in Sturgeon Bay.

Our goal: to diagnose and treat you right away and provide the very best care.

What sets us apart?

• Professional, caring staff

• Our Urgent Care Clinic is across the hall from the Emergency Room for full range of treatment options

• Accessibility to hospital and lab/diagnostic facilities

• Award-winning Ministry Medical care

Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

When choosing which facility to visit, follow these guidelines:

Urgent Care

Conditions requiring immediate care, but that are not life-threatening

• sprains
• earaches
• cold or flu
• cut requiring stitches
• mild asthma
• urinary tract infection
• broken bone with intact skin

Emergency Care

Conditions that are life or limb-threatening

• chest pain
• facial drooping
• sudden numbness or weakness in arm or leg
• uncontrolled bleeding
• head or eye injuries
• major fracture with broken skin



Sunday-Saturday: 7am-7pm

Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve: 7am-3pm
Summer Holidays: 7am-7pm
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

Enter at the main clinic entrance to reach the Urgent Care Clinic

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