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October 9

Menopause Mania

"From Hot Pants to Hot Flashes to a Life Filled with Fire (and Passion)"

Menopause is a natural and inevitable part of the progression of every woman's life, and is to be celebrated and respected. This session will look at menopause with a more positive attitude.

Drama in A Bag

Following Menopause Mania Ladies! Learn to think quickly, concentrate and increase mental agility, eliminate brain freeze and learn to take risks. Fun! Fun!
Presenter: Dr. Charles Shutt & Terry Lundahl

October 16

Tif/Halo Procedure

A new procedure is making lives better for patients suffering from chronic acid reflux also know as gastoesophageal reflux disease (GERD) Dr. Melarvie and Dr. Scheer will discuss two new procedures offered locally. The TIF-an incision-less procedure to treat reflux disease, AND, the HALO system, a procedure that uses advance ablation technology to treat Barrett's esophagus.
Presenter: Dr. Shaun Melarvie


November 13

Breast Cancer Awareness - Don't Stay in the Dark!

Learn about preventing breast cancer in a fun, feminine environment. Take necessary steps to maximize your breast health.
Presenter: Dr. Kurt Scheer

November 20

Reflexology for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Reflexology involves working on the feet. Besides increasing comfort, relaxation and well-being for patients, it can help relieve cancer-related symptoms such as anxiety, pain, nausea and lethargy.
Presenter: Cindy Kingge

Art for Health - for Cancer Patients and Caregivers - Following Reflexology

Engaging the body in creativity quiets the mind and allows the soul to cleanse, heal and shine. Participants and their caregivers will create a "Tree of Life" pendant using semi precious stones with artist/jewelry maker Jessa Hilbert.


December 4

Nutrition for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

A nutrition presentation including ways to eat nutritiously after cancer treatment. There will also be nutritious food samples from MDCMC chefs. Aromatherapy for Cancer Patients and Caregivers - Following Nutrition workshop participants will experience the powerful effects of plant based essential oils and learn how to combine the oils with a range of techniques to relieve stress, increase energy levels and sharpen focus.


January 8

Orthopedic Surgery - Joint Pain

Presentation to include:

  • Evaluation of joint pain
  • Conservative and surgical measures including joint replacement
  • Expected rehab and outcomes

Presenter: Dr. Dan Tomaszewski


February 4 & 11

Healthy Heart! - Physical Activity is Key to Living Well

Getting started - learn the benefits of physical activity. Increase your chances of living longer, decrease risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke. Sleep better, fight depression, build strength, and maintain a healthy weight and most of all have fun!
Presenter: Dr. Nate Hayes



March 11

Parent Education from Pediatrics - "Will My Child Ever Sleep!"

Concerns related to sleep and how to best deal with child anxiety are issues that most parents struggle with at one time or another. Given that sleep is an integral component of health and wellness, this talk will review common sleep and anxiety issues in children, discuss various supported strategies for dealing with sleep and anxiety issues.
Presenter: Dr. Megan Neuman

Art for Health for Children

Paint me a Song

March 12

Parent Education from Pediatrics - ADHD

Our ADHD Parent and Educator Workshop will cover a range of issues affecting children with ADHD and their support networks, from navigating school, friendships, and family gatherings to the ins and outs of treatment and medication.
Presenter: Dr. Amy Fogarty

Art for Health

Artists will lead children into painting to live music from area musicians while parents participate in the Parent Education program above.


To register for any of these workshops, please call: 920.493.5979

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