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Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing which includes reviewing, processing paperwork, check procurement and mailing.


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Type of donation needed Service, Money, Materials, Other. If other, explain (1,000 characters or less)


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How does this request address the three identified health care needs for Door County: Oral Health, Mental Health, Combating Obesity through Healthy Eating/Nutrition/Physical Exercise? (1,000 characters or less)


How will Ministry DC Medical Center be recognized? (1,000 characters or less)


Please email other forms or supporting material to
Sandy Sievert: or
Kevin Grohskopf:

Exclusions include:

  • Capital campaigns and endowments
  • Individual and personal initiatives, including individual employee/family initiatives (other than possible in-kind support)
  • Political organizations
  • Programs which may be in conflict with Catholic Health Care values


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