Auxiliary Officers & Committees



President Denise Haen*
President-Elect Sharon Burr*
Vice President Linda Berns*
Secretary Sarah Anschutz*
Treasurer Mike Herlache*


Standing Committees

Door Way Gift Shop 10.01 Nyla Small (Chair)*
  Sharon Kiehnau
  Peggy Odegaard*/Treas
  Evelyn Breider, Asst Treas


Finance 10.02 Mike Herlache (Chair)*
  Denise Haen
  Sharon Burr
  Linda Berns
  Pat Fuller


Public Policy Education 10.03 Chris Gaeth (Chair)*


Health Education 10.04 Joan Burr (Co-Chair)*
  Pat Kowall (Co-Chair)*


Scholarship 10.05 Barb Herdina (Chair)*
  (J. Hellyer, K. Ebbeson, S. MacLean, K. Bournoville)


Hospital Inservice 10.06 Mary Lu Norton (Chair)*
  (B.Bowers,Bty Shop; S.Burr,SNF; J.Burr, OPSU; M.Norton,ONCO; J.Corbisier,Info.Ctr.)


Hospitality 10.07 Barbara Tolzmann (Co-Chair)*
  DeAnne Hoffmann (Co-Chair)*


Hospital Relations 10.08 Pat Fuller (Chair)*


Standing Committees

Membership 10.09 Pat Stanis (Chair)*


Nominating 10.10 Pat Fuller (Chair)
  Sharon Burr
  Linda Berns
  Suzanne Nolan*
  Barb Kletzien (Mbr @ Large)*
  Gina Webb (Mbr @ Large)*


Public Relations 10.11  
Newsletter Pat Fuller (Chair)
Publicity Barbara Malzahn (Chair)*
Historian Jennifer Corbisier (Chair)*


Other Committees

By-Laws/Policies & Procedures Diane DeMeuse (Chair)
First Grade Tours Carol Davis (Chair)
  Barb O'Hern
  Ann Anderson (Coord)
Hours Sarah Anschutz (Chair)
H&G Walk Home Selection Linda Berns
  Sharon Burr
Knitting Jane Burton (Chair)
Memorial Fund Mike Herlache (Chair)
Sunshine Barbara Kletzien (Chair)
Volunteer Day Joan Burr (Co-Chair)
  Pat Kowall (Co-Chair)
Ways & Means Sharon Burr (Chair)
  Linda Berns
Book Fair Barbara Tolzmann (Chair)
Bridge Marathon Mary Kull (Chair)
  Shirley Kykora
Patient Bags Barbara Forbes (Chair)
Tray Favors Diane Stracka (Chair)


MDCMC Foundation

Dir. Volunteer Services Ann Anderson
Foundation Staff Mbr. Andy Boettcher


*The Governing Board consisting of Officers, Standing Committee Chairs and Members at Large (not to exceed a total of 25) have the voting power.

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