Nurse Technician Summer Internship

Application Materials

This page contains the materials needed to complete your application for a Summer Nurse Technician position. Please fill out the form below and submit the following information:

  • Unofficial or official transcript with current GPA (please e-mail to Kenlyn Kibler)
  • Two Clinical Evaluation Forms (Please print the linked form and give it to two teachers to fill out. If you have had only one semester to date, the second clinical evaluation form may be completed by an instructor from a nurse theory course)


In order to match your interest with our available placement options, please complete the following preference list for both unit and hours per two week period.


Your Name



First Choice:

Second Choice:

Third Choice:

In addition to making your selection above, please check this box if you are willing to work any unit.


Status in Nursing Program By:

Graduation Date:


Please answer the following essay questions:


Why are you interested in a Nurse Technician position at Ministry Door County Medical Center?


As a Nurse Technician at MDCMC, what would you expect to do on a daily basis?


Identify five specific things you would like to accomplish by the conclusion of this program.


What are your professional goals and objectives in nursing?

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