Service Excellence Team Application

We have begun our next step toward building a Culture of Service Excellence through bringing the Mission, Vision and Values of our organization to new heights. We are looking for people to help with this new phase of our Journey…people like you. This is an opportunity for you to become involved. You could help guide and shape the future of our organization in one of the following areas by completing this form and submitting it to our Human Resources. Tell why you would like to be involved and on which team(s).

This is your opportunity to affect the future of where you work and the way health care is provided in our community. We are already a very good health care facility. Please help us become great by joining this effort.

There are a fixed number of spots for each team. Please know that even if we are not able to place you on a Service Team at this time, we will ask you to be actively involved in an advisory group that will provide feedback to the Service Teams and help with special events. Additionally, you should be aware that each Service Excellence Team will be “re-selected” every 12 months. Thus, future opportunities to serve on a Team certainly exist.

Each Team will be made up of a cross-section of employees from various departments from throughout the organization. Participation in this process will be supported by the leadership team that includes all of your leaders. The commitment to participate on a Team will be a minimum of one year. Time required will be one hour per week for meeting and additional time for homework assignments as needed.


Team Choices:
Communications • Measurement • Employer of Choice • Patient Satisfaction

(Descriptions of each team and each team leader are listed below)

Name*:    Dept.*:    Ext.


Please choose two teams that you are interested in participating with, in the order of your interest, #1 being the one you are most interested in.

Choice 1*:    Choice 2*:


I would like to be a member and feel I can contribute to a team because*:


Following are descriptions of each of the Service Teams and Team Leader

Measurement – ADAM GINGERY – This team is responsible for correctly measuring, interpreting and communicating progress toward patient satisfaction scores. Digging into the patient satisfaction measurement tool, they become the in-house experts and develop user-friendly, easy to read reports so that all staff knows what their scores are on a timely basis. They work closely with all satisfaction teams so that they know how to read the reports and can identify trends, areas for improvements and wins!

Employer of Choice – DEB WHITELAW GORSKI – This Team is responsible for helping to make the organization an employer of choice –a place where employees feel they are doing worthwhile work, making a difference and have purpose in their jobs. They focus on orientation, employee forums, Wellness, and employee survey action plans. In addition, this Team is responsible for developing processes and ideas that help the organization build reward and recognition into the daily practices of leaders and employees. Creating instant recognition programs, ensuring that leaders are using available reward programs, and celebrating achievements are a few of their areas of focus. The team also works closely with senior leadership and the service teams as an internal resource for reward and recognition ideas.

Communications – KEVIN GROHSKOPF - This team is responsible for connecting the dots for employees and ensuring that employees understand the reasons for and efforts behind establishing a culture of service excellence. They help improve or build upon current communication vehicles that tell the story of going from good to great, including communication boards, newsletters and employee forums. They work closely with other teams to ensure they are getting their message out and develop communications that can be used by all teams.

Patient Satisfaction – JODI HIBBARD – This Team is responsible for ensuring that the highest level of service is consistently provided to their respective areas and for developing new ideas to continually improve that service and to share best practices among departments to help others learn. They are the evangelists for ‘Wow’ service.

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