ERMH receives national cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation program certification

WOODRUFF, WI—The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) recently recognized Eagle River Memorial Hospital for meeting the standards and guidelines of the AACVPR program certification.

The AACVPR program certification is recognized as the standard for quality in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. The application process covers all areas of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services. Both cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation are multidisciplinary approaches to patient care involving nurses, respiratory therapists, dieticians, pharmacists, and other health care providers in improving the quality of life for those with cardiac problems or respiratory disease. Application and certification by AACVPR is a choice that healthcare organizations like Eagle River Memorial Hospital make to demonstrate essential standards of care.

“We are committed to maintaining this standard of care for the benefit of the communities we serve, and providing the consumer with a consistent level and quality of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation services,” said Rebecca A. Morin, Vice President of Patient Care Services, Howard Young Health Care.

Areas covered in the application process include: program management (staff licensure and training, and facility and equipment adequacy); documentation on policies and procedures, medical records on all aspects of the rehabilitation program, plans for medical emergencies, and outcomes and assessments for all patients; and patient care documentation.

The mission of the AACVPR is to reduce morbidity, mortality, and disability from cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases through education, prevention, rehabilitation, research, and disease management.

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