Swing Bed Program at Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital a great option for recovery

Prolonged recovery after illness or injury can be difficult for those who are not able to care for themselves independently at home. Although nursing home placement may be an option, many patients aren’t ready to face the often emotionally-charged issue of moving to a nursing home, even temporarily. The Swing Bed Program at Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital presents a wonderful alternative for patients who need a little extra time to heal. The term “Swing Bed” simply means that your status changes (or swings) from an acute level of care to a skilled level of care.

Skilled Swing Bed is a Medicare covered service that is designed to help an individual recover from an injury, surgery or extended illness in a hospital setting close to home. Swing Bed may also be used for patients with private insurance that have skilled nursing coverage as part of their policy.

“The Swing Bed Program is an appealing choice for recovering patients for many reasons,” said Laura Magstadt, Director of Nursing and Operations, Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital. “The patient can remain in his/her current hospital bed with the same caregivers with individualized attention and care.”

Magstadt added “patients hospitalized in a larger facility outside the Eagle River community may also return to Eagle River for Swing Bed care. This makes visits from family and friends much easier as well as the opportunity for individualized sessions from a variety of therapists that provide services at Ministry Eagle River.”

The goal of the Swing Bed Program at Ministry Eagle River is to help patients return home independently or with the help of community resources.

Examples of Swing Bed stays include, but are not limited to:

  • Recovery and Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery (Joint Replacements)
  • Physical/Occupational Therapy to improve/restore function impaired by illness or injury
  • Wound Care
  • Teaching and/or Training after installation of new medical devices requiring maintenance by the patient
  • IV therapy such as continuous antibiotics or nutritional supplementation

“The Swing Bed Program helps to bridge the transition between acute hospitalization and home, making the move easier for patients and their families,” said Magstadt.

For more information on the Swing Bed Program at Ministry Eagle River, call Lisa Becker, Case Management, at 715-479-0286.

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