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Electrophysiologists Treat A-Fib and Other Heart Rhythm Problems

An electrophysiologist is like an electrician for your heart.
An electrophysiologist is like an electrician for your heart.

Electrophysiology, a sub-specialty of cardiology, is the detection and treatment of problems within the heart’s electrical system. An electrophysiologist, therefore, is a cardiologist who is further specialized in the narrow field of electrical disorders of the heart. Such problems include atrial fibrillation, irregular heartbeats, missed heart beats, a feathery pulse and other disturbances to the heart’s natural rhythm.

The Marshfield Clinic and Ministry Health Care heart care team is home to the oldest, largest and most experienced electrophysiology program in the region. One of the many advanced procedures performed by these specialists is a catheter ablation – a less invasive, non-surgical way to treat heart arrhythmias that reduces complications and recovery time.


To learn more about Heart Arrhythmias, a common condition treated by our Electrophysiology team, click here.


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