Flambeau Hospital Begins New Program

Program improves quality of life for people with lung conditions

A new program has started at Flambeau Hospital - Pulmonary Rehabilitation. This new program consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialists who provide rehabilitative care to people who have chronic pulmonary disease, and their families. The team includes a physician, respiratory therapist, cardiopulmonary rehab nurse, and a dietician. The program will provide education and exercise classes, teach participants about their lungs, how to exercise and do activities with less shortness of breath, and how to “live” better with lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema or chronic lung problems.

Participants will be instructed and supervised using the treadmill, stationery bike, Nustep and resistance training equipment. They will have the ability to be heart and oxygen monitored also. Participants will also be educated on medications, nutrition, breathing and energy conservation techniques, symptom management and relaxation.

The key value of this program is “it will improve a participant’s quality of life,” stated Barb Templin, RN and Cardiopulmonary supervisor for the program. This all-inclusive program usually runs 2 times a week for approximately 6-10 weeks.

Most medical insurance policies cover a portion or all of the pulmonary exercise and education charges, and Medicare has recently changed its coverage and will cover medicare clients with a moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and several restrictive lung diseases.

This new service is one of the many rehabilitation services provided at Flambeau Hospital. Cardiac Rehabilitation, Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation are other rehab programs offered. For more information, or to enroll in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program, please contact Barb Templin, RN, Cardio-pulmonary Rehab Supervisor at Flambeau Hospital at 715.762.7477.

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