Good Habits Start Young at Merrill Safety Day Camp for Kids

Every minute of every day, children are injured at times fatally by not realizing the possible dangers that surround them. Through education, many of these accidents can be eliminated and children can lead safer lives.

112 youth ages 8-11 took part in the 19th Annual Merrill Safety Day Camp for Kids on Tuesday, August 6, sponsored by Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center, UW-Extension-Lincoln County, Lincoln County Farm Bureau and Merrill Parks and Recreation.

“Injury prevention starts with developing good habits at an early age,” said Heidi Duley, R.N. of Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center.  “We are delighted with this year’s turn out for this opportunity to learn valuable information that may one day save children’s lives.”

Safety Day Camp for Kids offers education and training by knowledgeable and highly skilled speakers who work in a wide range of fields. Participants have the chance to hear them, obtain educational materials and most importantly have direct content with the equipment and animals, all while being supervised and having their questions answered.

Topics covered by community partners for this year’s Safety Day Camp included: Harrison Hills ATV Club-ATV Safety; Lincoln County Health Department-Kitchen Safety and Oral Health Information;  Lincoln County Sports Club-Gun Safety;  Merrill Fire and EMS-Fire Safety; Merrill Police and Northwood’s Tobacco Free Coalition-Danger of Drugs and Tobacco;   Mosinee Kennel Club-Animal Safety, Wisconsin Public Service-Electrical Safety.

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