Good Samaritan Employee Advised Fund Allocates $6,000 to Merrill Area Community Agencies

In its latest effort to support the Merrill community, the Good Samaritan Health Center Employee Advised Fund has awarded $6,000 to support the efforts of eight area organizations.

Launched in January of 2007, the Employee Advised Fund gives Good Samaritan Health Center employees, through payroll deductions and cash donations, an opportunity to distribute funds to local causes and to continue the tradition of ministering to the poor within the Merrill Community.

Including this years efforts, nearly $12,000 has been allocated to Merrill area agencies and organizations directly from this employee led effort.

Agencies that received funding in the latest funding allocations include:

  • $1250 - Community Food Pantry for the purchase of meat.
  • $1250 - HAVEN for the purchase diapers and drop down changing areas.
  • $1250 - St. Vincent DePaul Free Clinic to purchase Diabetes Test Strips, Medication, and Insulin.
  • $250 - American Cancer Society Relay For Life will use the donation for the Merrill’s Relay for Life Survivor’s Reception.
  • $250 – Lincoln Industries will arrange a Bowling Event or the opportunity to participate at Riverside Athletic Club as a part of Lincoln Industries effort to promote healthy lifestyle and exercise with outside activities.
  • $650 - Breaking Bread Community Meal: Free community meal at the Merrill Eagles Club on March 18th.
  • $600 – Open Hands Community Soup Kitchen will receive this donation to supplement the cost of the Soup Kitchen that is scheduled for every Tuesday.
  • $500 - Palliative Care Room at Good Samaritan Health Center. Funds will help furnish a palliative care room which will focus on compassionate specialized care to provide privacy, dignity and comfort in a soothing holistic environment.

In addition, the employee advised fund also supports the Compassionate Care Fund at Good Samaritan Health Center. This restricted fund is to assist patients who need help with transportation, food, telephone cards, clothing, and other basic needs at the time of discharge.

“Once again our employees have shown tremendous support for our community,” said Kathy Brecke, Good Samaritan Foundation/community outreach director. “The employee advised fund participants not only dedicate themselves to their jobs everyday but go above and beyond with their contributions to support these agencies.”

The Good Samaritan Employee Advised Fund is directed by a committee of up to 12 employees who participate on a voluntary basis. Together, they review local causes and allocate these funds and matching Foundation funds to local causes linked close to those who share the same values as Ministry Health Care.


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