Good Samaritan Health Center Contracts for High Definition MRI Services

Good Samaritan Health Center in Merrill has contracted with Shared Medical Systems on a new, high definition magnetic resonance (HDMR) system made by General Electric. The Signa EXCITE 1.5 HD system will provide area physicians with highly detailed pictures of anatomy and pathology to help them evaluate a wide range of conditions, including stroke, musculoskeletal and heart disease.

“With our new high definition system, Good Samaritan Health Center is able to capture dramatic images of our patients, much like that of high definition television,” said Good Samaritan Radiology Director Nubs Ashbeck. “This new system provides our physicians with outstanding image quality for the purpose of diagnoses and less likelihood of rescans, even in the most challenging circumstances.”

The high definition MR scanner is built precisely to handle the types of studies that are becoming increasingly important in the diagnosis of disease. “We receive more information to diagnose diseases while patients experience a shorter, more comfortable exam,” adds Joseph Heitz, M.D., radiologist on staff at Good Samaritan Health Center. “Plus, patients can take advantage of this advanced healthcare technology right here in Merrill.”

The Signa EXCITE 1.5 HD system will also, for the first time, provide physicians with unprecedented imaging speed and clarity in cases where patients are difficult to image due to movement, including Parkinson’s patients who suffer from uncontrollable motion and children who do not respond to sedation. Ophthalmologists, oral surgeons, dentists will also benefit from this technology.

During a typical MR scan, a patient is asked to remain still for the exam. Even if a patient is cooperative they can blur a scan with a slight movement, including a cough or a sneeze. This movement can hide important details, make the physician’s job of diagnosing the situation more challenging, or require a rescan.

Today, Good Samaritan Health Center is able to offer its patients advanced capabilities and entirely new applications that are only available with the HDMR. “These capabilities include the General Electric “Propeller” which aids in the highest quality brain imaging, despite motion, and the “Tricks” vascular imaging tool which allows evaluation of diabetes patients for low blood flow to the lower legs,” says Heitz. “This equipment gives us the ability to view high resolution detail all the way down to the critical vessels of the foot.”

“We are able to offer a comprehensive variety of MR procedures providing optimal diagnostic capabilities for the assessment of the brain, spine, prostate, abdomen and pelvis. The unit also has coils for small extremities that we can utilize for orthopedic, podiatrist and physiatrist studies on the elbow, wrist, and ankle,” said Ashbeck.

MRI uses computers and magnetic fields, rather than x-rays, to capture images of the human body. “This new MR system produces images of amazing clarity and detail. We know that we will receive superior images even in the most difficult cases and that means better care for our patients,” concludes Heitz.

Good Samaritan Health Center provides on-site MRI services through Shared Medical Services on Monday and Thursday afternoons as well as Wednesday mornings.

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