Good Samaritan Health Center Foundation Accepting Applications for 2011 Funding Cycle

The Good Samaritan Health Center Foundation is pleased to announce that “Applications for Funds” are being accepted for its 2011 funding cycle.

Good Samaritan Foundation celebrates its determination to act as “Good Samaritans” for the Merrill area community by supporting health and wellness opportunities that have the most impact on helping the poor and underserved.

“To adequately serve our target population, the Foundation must work with local organizations to address the underlying issue that cause people to initiate and perpetuate unhealthy lifestyles,” said Foundation Director Kathy Brecke. “We are encouraging area organizations to take advantage of this funding opportunity pursue best opportunities to work together to meet our mission and commitment to the Merrill community.”

The Mission of the Good Samaritan Health Center Foundation is to promote and support the mission of Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center of furthering the healing ministry of Jesus by continually improving the health and well – being of all people, especially the poor, in the communities we serve.

In addition to mission and values alignment, in order for projects to be considered, they should address one or more of the following recommendations:

1. Healthy Lifestyles
Health and wellness programs/services that provides access to medical care, preventative education on health issues such as adequate nutrition, obesity, oral health, tobacco, inactivity, falls and injuries

2. Basic needs such as food and shelter
Health and wellness programs/services that assist families and individuals with lack of food, clothing, utilities, and shelter

3. Mental Health /Substance Abuse Services/Concern over Suicide
Health and wellness programs/services for preventive and treatment programs that address behavior that is abusive to themselves and their families

4. Case Management Services, Mentoring Programs, or Educational Programs
Programs / Services that provide or have the potential to develop services that help people permanently escape the cycle of being poor and/or underserved, focusing on soliciting behavioral changes

Deadline for applications is November 20 with awards presented in January, 2011.

For more information or to obtain application materials, please contact Brecke at 715.539.5042 or by email:


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