Leadership Changes Announced at Good Samaritan Health Center

Long time President of Good Samaritan Health Center Michael Hammer announced his resignation last week to seek other career opportunities outside of Ministry Health Care.

Hammer has been President of Merrill’s Hospital for 18 years and under his leadership, he oversaw the successful conversion of Hospital affiliation from Catholic Health Corporation to Catholic Health Initiatives in 1996 and with Ministry Health Care in 2005.

Ministry Health Care Regional Chief Executive Officer Jeff Martin has announced that Kris McGarigle, Vice President for Patient Care Services at Good Samaritan since 2006 has assumed the role of interim President with the full support of the Good Samaritan Health Center Board of Directors and Ministry Health Care.

McGarigle will be supported by several executives of Ministry Health Care including Martin, along with Bill Hinner, Regional Vice President of Finance/Chief Financial Officer; Al Pennebecker, Vice President of Facilities and Support Services at Saint Michael’s Hospital and Mary Krueger, President of Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston.

In her role as Vice President, McGarigle has engaged the staff at Good Samaritan in advancing nursing care standards of practice, worked to improve quality outcomes, core measures, and patient satisfaction, implemented customer services initiatives, and working with Ministry patient care leaders to standardize the model for patient care for patients with chronic disease.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and an MBA from George Washington University. Prior to joining the staff at Good Samaritan, she served as Director of Inpatient Services at Saint Michael’s Hospital in Stevens Point.

A recruiting process is underway for the position and is expected to take six to nine months to complete.

Martin thanked Hammer for his years of service and noted, “Good Samaritan Health Center has a long and proud history as well as a bright future. I am confident we can face the challenges that lie ahead.”

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