Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center Joins Tornado Relief Effort in Merrill

Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center is joining several other businesses, organizations and individuals in the Merrill community to provide assistance to those affected by the April 10th Tornado.

Staff and volunteers of Ministry Good Samaritan last week started collecting items to support the relief efforts of Saint Stephan’s Church which has mobilized to collect items for emergency clean-up buckets, basic needs and hygiene kits. Staff is hoping to fill 25 laundry baskets with items to be shared with those affected.

In addition, Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center and its sponsor Ministry Health Care will donate $20,000 to relief efforts.

Ministry Good Samaritan will donate $10,000 to the to the Merrill Chamber Foundation’s Tornado Relief Fund to assist in the rebuilding effort.

Ministry Health Care will match the local contribution from Ministry Good Samaritan with a $10,000 donation to the United Way Storm Match fund to support those programs providing short term emergency services to those families affected.

‘We realize that this event has had a significant impact on our community and hope our efforts along with those of many others provide much needed assistance to those rebuilding their homes and businesses,” said Kris McGarigle, president, Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center. “In addition we are grateful for the support of our dedicated staff and Ministry Health Care for their commitment to our community in this time of need.”

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