Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center Receives State Superintendent’s Award

Partnership with the Merrill Area Public Schools a model for others

Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center in Merrill is one of the 2010 recipients of the Business Friends of Education Award for the organization’s efforts with Merrill Area Public Schools.

Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center and Merrill Area Public Schools have worked together on many innovative student opportunities, including student internships and apprenticeships, an athletic training co-op and multiple job-shadowing days. Ministry Good Samaritan has provided opportunities for Merrill High School students interested in medical careers for over 15 years. The district nominated Ministry Good Samaritan for the award.

“For years Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center has been an active and engaged partner in the education of Merrill students,” said Dr. Lisa Snyder, Merrill Area Public Schools Superintendent. “We are thrilled that the organization has received this prestigious state-level award.”

In addition to sponsoring student programs, Ministry Good Samaritan’s administrators and staff serve on MAPS committees, regularly provide speakers to present to classes and assist in the creation of displays, pamphlets, videos and related materials.

“This partnership and related programs provide many unique opportunities for Merrill area students,” said Carol Crevier, Community Health & Wellness Coordinator at Ministry Good Samaritan. “It is also the result of a great deal of cooperation between departments and dedicated staff to make it a reality.”

The award was presented by State Superintendent Tony Evers during a breakfast meeting of the Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education in Appleton. In recognizing the unique connection between the district and Ministry Good Samaritan, State Superintendent Evers signified that the partnership is a model for others to follow.

"Merrill Area Public Schools and Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center’s partnership is a terrific example of the power of businesses and schools working together to benefit students," said Evers. "This partnership is a model for the rest of the state to follow.”

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