Ministry Good Samaritan Receives Donation from Merrill Eagles

Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center is the recipient of a pair of grants from the Merrill Eagles Auxiliary that will provide educational and program assistance to patients battling cancer and hear disease.

A $1,000 grant from the Eagles Auxiliary will be used for a community educational program on Cancer and transportation assistance for cancer patients who have limited financial means. Still in the planning stages, the program will give people with cancer and their friends the chance to learn more about the disease, its treatment and the emotional ties that come with it. In cooperation with Marshfield Clinic Merrill Center, Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center provides Oncology and Outpatient Chemotherapy services to the community in a comfortable setting close to home.

An additional $1,000 grant from the Eagles Auxiliary will be used for educational materials in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. Located on the third floor of Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center, cardiac rehabilitation provides inpatient and outpatient monitored exercise therapy and education, work evaluations, dietary consultations, and risk factor modification counseling.

“We are grateful for the continued support of the Merrill Eagles Auxiliary,” said Ministry Good Samaritan president Kris McGarigle. “This support will go a long way towards Our Promise to work together as Ministry to keep Patients First in everything we do. Specifically these funds will allow Merrill area patient’s better access to our oncology and cardiac rehab programs.”

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