Safety Day Camp for Kids in Lincoln County to be Held on August 11

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Each year, thousands of children are injured due to accidents with guns, outdoor equipment, bicycle accidents, and others. Through education, many of these accidents can be eliminated and children can lead safer lives. It is because of the need for education that Good Samaritan Health Center, UW-Extension and the Lincoln County Farm Bureau are again offering "Safety Day Camp for Kids" for children ages 8-11 on Tuesday, August 11.

“Safety Day Camp for Kids is designed to teach children the importance of safety in their homes, on the farm and in their neighborhoods,” explained program coordinator Heidi Duley, R.N. at Good Samaritan Health Center. “This is an opportunity for children to learn valuable information -- information that may one day save their lives.”

Topics to be covered in this year’s safety day camp for kids include:

  • Guns
  • Lawn Mower
  • Fire Electrical
  • Highway Hazards of Smoking
  • Home Kitchen &
  • Internet
  • Animal and EMS Transportation

If weather and availability permits, Ministry Health Care's Spirit Medical Transportation Services helicopter will make a stop at the event. Since the topics change each year, those that participated in the past will still benefit from coming to this event.

Safety Day Camp for Kids will be held at the Merrill Area Recreation Complex with registration at 7:30 a.m. and the program beginning running from 8:00am to 4 p.m. The program is free. A beverage and snack will be provided, but participants are asked to bring their own sack lunch. Indoor facilities are available at the MARC in the event of inclement weather.

For questions or more information about the 15th Annual Safety Day Camp for Kids, contact Heidi Duley, R.N. at 715.539.2195 or Deb Moellendorf at the UW Extension, Lincoln County office at 715.539.1072.

Additional supporters of Safety Day Camp for Kids are Lincoln County 4-H, Lincoln County Health Department, Lincoln County Tobacco Coalition, Merrill Area Public Schools, Wisconsin Public Service, HAVEN, Merrill Fire & Ambulance, Ministry Health Care, UW Extension and the Lincoln County Highway Department.

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