Vein Viewers Enhance Patient Care at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center

IV starts and blood draws at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center are easier and more successful the first time, thanks to an assist from some revolutionary vein viewing technology.

AccuVein projects the location of a patient’s veins and blood vessels directly on the surface of the skin, providing a vascular road map in real time. Ministry Good Samaritan began using the AccuVein last year with an initial hand held unit purchased by the Foundation of Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center.

At its Spring Luncheon on April 30, the Ministry Good Samaritan Volunteers donated $6,500 for the purchase of a second unit. By stationing them in the emergency department and inpatient unit, its mobile design allows for deployment in other areas as needed.

“AccuVein makes our patients’ veins and blood vessels visible to the naked eye,” said Jackie Frombach, RN, Manager of Patient Care Services. “This technology has helped us increase efficiency of our system and success rate of our needle sticks. As a result we are experiencing improved patient outcomes, satisfaction and better allocation of resources.”

Venipuncture is the most common invasive medical procedure with an estimated 2.7 million procedures conducted every day in the United States Alone. Studies show that up to one third of these attempts to access a vein fail the first time. There are a variety of reasons why, ranging from problems with the patient’s vein structure and skin coloration to practitioner inexperience and high-stress environments. Unsuccessful attempts create physical pain and emotional discomfort for patients, and result in higher costs for health care providers. Improving first-stick attempts is a major goal for healthcare providers around the world.

“This is another example of our Volunteers and Foundation providing the necessary tools for a higher level of care for our patients and we are grateful for their continued support,” said Jane Bentz, Foundation and Community Director at Ministry Good Samaritan.

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