Volunteer Donations Support Initiatives at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center

Each year, Volunteers of Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center donate countless hours in support of the facility.

In addition to their time and talent, they also provide much needed support through a variety of fundraisers. These include operation of the Hospital’s gift shop, the annual Holly Bazaar as well as several book fairs and other events.

At its recent spring luncheon, Ministry Good Samaritan Volunteers presented hospital leaders with $6,300 as the total sum of their fundraising efforts over the past year. Initial projects with funds raised by the volunteers include replacement wheelchairs, new scripture artwork for the hospitals inpatient unit and a prayer table for the recently refurbished chapel.

Organized in 1966 the Volunteers serve and support the mission of Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center and provide a wide variety of services to the hospital and its patients.

“We are grateful for the efforts of our volunteers and their continued support on many levels,” said Jane Bentz, Foundation and Community Outreach Director.

For more information on volunteer opportunities at Ministry Good Samaritan, please call 715.539.2139.


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