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Volunteers: Get Involved and Make A Difference!

The Volunteers (formerly known as the Auxiliary) organized in 1966 to serve and support the mission of Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center. Through service and fundraising, the nearly 300 Volunteers are an integral part of Ministry Good Samaritan and Merrill health care. Volunteers provide a wide variety of services to the patients and the hospital. We are a group of individuals dedicated to caring for the ill and supporting the Christian healthcare mission of Ministry Good Samaritan.

As a result of various projects, over $100,000 has been donated to Ministry Good Samaritan to purchase items such as: laboratory equipment, infant cribs, infant hearing screening equipment, crash carts, cardiac chairs, emergency room instruments, and much more.

The Gift Shop, a convenience for patients, visitors, staff, and the Merrill community, is located at the main entrance of Ministry Good Samaritan and features greeting cards, stuffed animals, and other lovely gift items.

There are many opportunities to get involved in the Ministry Good Samaritan Volunteers. The success of Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center depends on many people working at many levels in many departments. Your volunteer hours and sharing of your talents will benefit the patients and support the Christian mission of Ministry Good Samaritan.

Opportunities to Volunteer

  • Blood Bank: Help donors complete forms and serve refreshments after blood has been donated.
  • Patient Services: Serve juice or soda to patients mid- morning and/or during the afternoon. Deliver mail to patients mid-morning.
  • Clerical: Typing, copying, folding, and putting packets together as needed.
  • Gift Shop: Responsible for the gift shop during that shift.
  • Menus: Help patients complete their menus for the following day.
  • Officers: The Volunteer Board consists of President, President-Elect, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and the following committees:
    • Bylaws
    • Educational Grant
    • Gift Shop
    • Health Education
    • Historian
    • Intergovernmental Education
    • Membership
    • Newsletter
    • Nominating
    • Ways & Means
  • Projects: Participate in any of the events during the year such as the Holly Bazaar and Book Fairs.
  • Reception Desk: Greet patients and guests and direct them to their desired area.
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