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Look for the 5-2-1-0 program
Saint Elizabeth’s reaches out to impact community health
Ease your mind about your security, safety and health
It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood
Welcome To Our Neighborhood!

Look for the 5-2-1-0 program ... it’s everywhere

Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center has taken the 5-2-1-0 message to schools and early childcare environments to promote and educate residents of all ages about a healthy lifestyle.

The 5-2-1-0 program stresses the daily importance of eating 5 or more fruits and vegetables; limiting recreational screen time to 2 hours or less; adding  1 hour or more of physical activity; and 0 sugary drinks, while drinking more water and low-fat milk.

The 5-2-1-0 Schools program was launched in March at St. Felix and Wabasha-Kellogg (Kindergarten to 6th grade). After learning the principles, students, teachers and parents were challenged to reach four health goals and used logs to track their progress.

The 5-2-1-0 Early Childhood program encourages early childhood education leaders and childcare providers to implement 5-2-1-0 in their programs.

The Mayo Clinic Health System-Wabasha also distributes 5-2-1-0 assessments to parents prior to well child visits. These assessments serve as a conversation starter for health improvement and provide healthcare providers with the opportunity to offer easy tips and practical resources for families.

Additionally, the 5-2-1-0 Communities program reaches out to restaurants, farmers markets and other venues to help spread the word about 5-2-1-0.

“Ultimately, we want everyone in our communities to know what 5-2-1-0 is and how they can apply the principles into their daily routines to improve their overall health,” said Jenny Schlagenhaft, director of community relations at Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center.

Promotion of the 5-2-1-0 program is a collaborative effort based on community feedback that identified prevention and wellness with an emphasis on active living and healthy eating as one of Wabasha County’s top four health priorities.

For more information about starting a 5-2-1-0 program in your organization, call 651.565.5596.


Saint Elizabeth’s reaches out to impact community health

Continually improving the health and well-being of all people, especially the poor, in the communities we serve is Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center's foundational purpose. This mission, established by the sisters, calls us to reach beyond our facilities to meet people where they are and offer them what they need to realize an enhanced state of wellness.

Since our establishment over 115 years ago, Saint Elizabeth’s has been instrumental in meeting the healthcare needs of our communities. In partnership with others, we have initiated programs, services and resources of all kinds to improve access to care, provide healthcare services and move upstream to promote the value of wellness and prevention.

In the last couple of years, Saint Elizabeth’s has been actively engaged in a more formalized process of assessing health issues, identifying gaps, selecting priority needs and developing action plans to meet those needs. These community health (also known as population health) improvement activities have involved partnerships with Wabasha Public Health, schools, businesses and other organizations and providers. Collectively, we are developing a more unified outreach to impact the health of our residents.

The first step in the collaborative process was to identify priority health needs in Wabasha County. Through workshops that gathered community feedback, we identified these to be:

  • senior health
  • prevention and wellness (emphasizing active living and healthy eating)
  • mental health and
  • oral health

The next step was to develop action plans that outlined short-term and long-term goals, objectives and timelines. As of right now, we have made headway in three of our four priority areas. Oral health has remained on the back burner (not because it is any less important, but because we have not found champions to lead efforts toward improvement).


Ease your mind about your security, safety and health

Ministry LifeDirect, sponsored by Saint Elizabeth’s Auxiliary, offers personal assistance and emergency response services 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

By pushing a medical alert button that is worn around the neck or wrist, a subscriber has immediate access to a highly trained representative who will take the time to fully understand the caller’s situation, and efficiently link each subscriber to the care they need. Based on their circumstances, a first responder -- a family member, neighbor or friend – may be contacted to check on the individual. If the need is more urgent, an ambulance will be alerted.

“Saint Elizabeth’s Auxiliary has been offering this outreach program for more than 25 years,” explained Carmen Tiffany, coordinator. “We are very committed to protecting the safety of seniors who wish to live independently. Ministry LifeDirect provides the technology they need to live in the homes they love with dignity, security and peace of mind.”

Ministry LifeDirect Services are affordable and available to many residents in Western Wisconsin and Southeast Minnesota. To learn more, call Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center, 651.565.4531.

Wabasha Farmers Market hours have expanded to serve you better.

If you enjoy fresh, locally grown, produce be sure to check out the 2014 Wabasha Farmers Market's new expanded hours!

Now, you have two days and two locations to get fresh fruits, vegetables and other wholesome food from the Wabasha farmers market.

You can visit on Mondays at Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center located at 1200 Grant Boulevard West, from 1 – 5 p.m. or you can visit the market on Thursdays at 2nd Street under the bridge, from 1 – 5 p.m.

Each week the farmers market offers you a wide variety of home-grown products. You can purchase nutritional, fresh and flavorful produce and other products that will keep your family healthy while at the same time supporting local growers.

To make purchasing a bit easier, the Wabasha farmers market now accepts EBT, DEBIT & CREDIT CARDS. For the second year, Market Bucks can be used by SNAP participants. This special incentive from Blue Cross matches EBT card purchases with up to an additional $5 in “Market Bucks” each market day.


It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood when the neighborhood is located at Saint Elizabeth’s Assisted Living and Independent Living apartments

Saint Elizabeth’s Assisted and Independent Living apartments are designed to meet the varying needs of our aging residents.

Whether residents are enjoying an active, independent lifestyle, or need assistance with daily living activities, our committed and caring staff is devoted to customizing care to meet our residents’ needs and enhancing our residents’ quality of life.

Spacious apartments offer a pleasing and home-like atmosphere with programs and services that allow tenants to live their lives to the fullest while maximizing freedom and peace of mind.

Saint Elizabeth’s apartments also offer short-term or “respite” assisted-living services for seniors who need supervision and care. Short-stay tenants are welcome to join our neighborhood for a few days, a week, or several months depending on the unique needs of the family.

Our staff will make your loved one feel right at home in an apartment that is comfortable and safe.

It’s a great place to call home; just ask Dean and Dorothy Plank, long-time residents of Wabasha.

Dean and Dorothy Plank, long-time residents of Wabasha, are comfortable and content. They have settled into a familiar routine and their second floor apartment on the campus of Saint Elizabeth’s surrounds them with memories of home and safeguards them with personalized features and services.

“At first we were not at all supportive of this idea,” said Dorothy. “We didn’t want to leave our lovely and spacious house. We built it 23 years ago and we had always hoped we would live out our days there. The thought of leaving it and downsizing was heartbreaking and overwhelming.”

It was out of concern that their four children had tendered the suggestion to move into an assisted-living environment. At the time, Dean and Dorothy were to celebrate their 90th birthdays. The demands of home and yard maintenance combined with the challenges of aging and declining health became the catalyst that prompted the Plank’s change of heart.

“Our kids were very good about helping us out, but all of them live out of town,” Dorothy added. “I know they were worried about us and the distance that separated us.” With a bit of hesitation, they agreed to tour Saint Elizabeth’s Assisted Living Apartments. Both Dean and Dorothy were very familiar with Saint Elizabeth’s. He was a foundation board member for many years and also volunteered as a Guardian Angel. She is still a charter member of Saint Elizabeth’s Auxiliary. “It wasn’t that we had reservations about Saint Elizabeth’s, we just weren’t certain we were ready for this transition.”

A tour and meeting with Social Worker and Housing Coordinator, Kathy Jeffery showcased the benefits and features of a model of living that respects independence, offers security and peace of mind, and tailors medical care and services to meet the specific needs of each tenant. The Planks were introduced to a host of amenities and optional activities that celebrate a quality of life that is relaxed and relational.

Their orientation to Saint Elizabeth’s aging-in-place approach to senior care highlighted advantages that far outweighed the drawbacks. Truth be told, when Dean and Dorothy honestly evaluated the pros and cons and considered the impact of their decision on their children, they knew there was only one clear choice. Without looking back, they moved forward.

“We are very happy here,” smiled Dean. “The staff is so friendly, our apartment has everything we need, and the meals are very satisfying.” Without leaving the premises, they see their doctors, attend mass and participate in art classes and other activities. Many of their apartment neighbors are lifetime friends, so get-togethers in the fireplace lounge and dining rooms are commonplace.

Even though they changed neighborhoods, the Planks remain connected to the community. For many years, Dean and Dorothy owned and operated “Dean’s for Men & Boys” clothing store and an H&R Block Tax businesses, and were active business partners and Wabasha citizens. Frequent field trips and outings with their children protect and maintain these longstanding bonds.

“At first we thought we would have to sacrifice so much and give up too much,” confessed Dorothy. The Planks believe they have gained greatly from this relocation and life change. Not only have their children experienced a greater sense of peace, so have they.

Saint Elizabeth’s Assisted Living Apartments has immediate openings. Tours can be arranged by calling Kathy Jeffery, Social Service and housing coordinator, 651.565.5566, or take an online tour from the website at www.ministryhealth.org/SEMCApartments.


Welcome To Our Neighborhood!

Saint Elizabeth’s Assisted and Independent Living offers a comfortable, safe and caring environment that embraces the importance of independence, respect and privacy for all tenants.

  • A caring staff to attend to all their needs
  • Convenient healthcare and wholesome meals
  • A comfortable apartment and chapel
  • The fellowship and company of good friends

You can schedule a personal tour today. Contact Kathy Jeffery at 651.565.5566 or email Kathy.Jeffery@ministryhealth.org.

You can also take a virtual tour online at: http://ministryhealth.org/SEMCApartments.


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