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Good attitude combined with good care leads to excellent results

Irene Hucek is friendly, upbeat and likes to be on the go. But in recent years, the 66-year-old retired educator suffered from a great deal of knee pain and sought help from Ministry Door County Medical Center for total knee replacement surgery.

She heard numerous horror stories about the procedure. “I was told there would be so much pain and that the experience wouldn’t be a good one.”

Looking back on her total knee replacement surgery she explains, “Of course it hurt [the surgery], but all in all, it wasn’t bad. I was expecting much worse. People lead you on to believe that it’s so bad.” With a smile, she continues, “It’s been 5 weeks since the surgery and I’ve been without a cane for 3 weeks.”

Orthopedic surgeons Steven Davis, MD, and Daniel Tomaszewski, MD, are on the medical staff of Ministry Door County Medical Center as part of North Shore Medical Clinic. Dr. Tomaszewski performed Irene’s surgery.

Dr. Tomaszewski believes “Irene is a great example of how a good attitude and good care can lead to excellent results. It is an honor that patients trust us and allow us to provide their care. It is our duty to give them the best care available.”

Irene spent a couple of days in the hospital after the procedure and received physical and occupational therapy between two and three times each day. There she was shown how to walk, shower and perform basic physical activities with adjustment to reduce the risk of injury. Once she was released she continued her treatment at the rehabilitation center for 5 weeks.

According to her physical therapist Victoria Mogen, DPT, “Irene did her homework; after attending other pre-op classes, she decided to have her surgery at Ministry Door County Medical Center. Irene was an active participant in the class and also in her rehabilitation. She applied the information she learned in class to her post-operative rehabilitation and had a great outcome with her mobility, range of motion and strength.”

Mogen admits “the rehabilitation was intense but Irene had a positive attitude and she actually had nicknames for all her therapists. Irene did experience pain but she worked through it.”

Irene said the level of care from Ministry Door County Medical Center radiated the moment she walked into the building. “They are so nice at the front desk that it’s incredible. They care about you and are willing to make accommodations. Right there, it sets the tone for your entire visit. My complete experience was fantastic – really.”

She continues, “You’d probably laugh, but I was treated like a queen – and I’m not kidding. All the nurses and doctors were so nice. Even, the chef came into my room and asked if my meals could be better.” With the surgery now behind her, Irene looks forward to resuming her everyday activities that include visiting a favorite coffee shop, working at her shop Anna Rose Resale on Jefferson Street and spending time with her husband. “He was extremely supportive throughout this whole process,” Houck said. Her other plans include taking pain-free walks this summer, visiting with her grandchildren, playing the piano, and boating.

“I don’t want to be limping around; I want a quality of life. I just can’t say enough good things about my experience and I would highly recommend the Sturgeon Bay facilities to anyone.”

Ministry Door County Medical Center is located at 323 South 18th Avenue in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. For more information, please call 800.522.8919.

“From pre-operative counseling, to our total joint class, to the surgery and through rehabilitation, we are with our patients. That is what I believe Total Mobility Care means.” ~Orthopedic Surgeon Daniel Tomaszewski, MD

“Here at Ministry Door County Medical Center we have a team approach to rehabilitation and the patient is part of that team.” ~Physical therapist Victoria Mogen, DPT

Total Mobility Care: "Exceptional Care for Exceptional Patients"

Our Total Mobility Care initiative is a collaborative effort of multiple service lines that are focused on preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries of the joints, muscles, and bones. From sports medicine and rehabilitation to rheumatology and total joint replacement, we provide personal, complete care, supported by the state-of-the-art technology and facilities.

Our physicians have trained at some of the finest medical institutions in the country. Combined with a support staff of over 70, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, and massage therapists, the goal of Total Mobility Care is to provide a complete care environment for your comfort and convenience.

Our surgeons evaluate and treat (operatively and non-operatively) conditions of the musculoskeletal structure, including shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot. They also perform minimally invasive procedures called arthroscopy – a technique that allows for smaller incisions, less scarring and shorter recovery times.

Patients can be seen at any of our clinic locations in Sturgeon Bay, Algoma and Fish Creek. For more information or to schedule a consultation with any of our specialists, please visit totalmobilitycare.org or call 800.522.8919 or 920.746.0510.

Shoulder surgery gives patient’s active lifestyle back

Shawn Mogen enjoys kayaking, fishing and most outdoor activities. Until recently, the retired Coast Guard rescue swimmer had chronic shoulder pain. Joint deterioration caused by a physical profession and active lifestyle triggered ongoing injuries over the years.

“I’ve been active my entire life and you just get to the age where things catch up with you,” said 41-year-old Mogen.

Mogen underwent rotator cuff surgery to stop his chronic shoulder pain.

Rotator cuff surgery repairs torn tendons in the shoulder. The procedure can be done with a large (“open”) incision or with shoulder arthroscopy, which uses small button-hole sized incisions. Rotator cuff repair may be recommended for shoulder problems such as: torn rotator cuff with weakness and pain; recurrent pain that occurs especially when using the arm overhead or to repair bone spurs or inflammation around the rotator cuff.

Mogen is grateful to doctors Daniel Tomaszewki, MD, and Steven Davis, MD, and the rehabilitation team at Ministry Door County Medical Center in Sturgeon Bay . His recovery included rehabilitation to get range of motion and strength back. “It was like building a house – you start with the foundation and step-by-step you recover the shoulder,” Mogen said. His recuperation included light exercises such as stretching and lifting weights.

“I worked with some of the best therapists,” Mogen said. “Mary and James were very knowledgeable about what it took to rehabilitate my shoulder and were great to work with.”

Now Mogen is on his way to a full recovery. “I was told it would take a year, but I’m well on my way,” he said. “It’s been about 5 months and I feel great.” He is also enjoying an active lifestyle again. “I run every day and I lift weights. I still need to be careful, but I’m back to playing some of my favorite sports.”

To make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, call North Shore Medical Clinic at 800.522.8919 or 920.746.0510 or visit totalmobilitycare.org

Ministry Door County Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Services Receives FOTO® Outcomes Excellence Award

The rehabilitation services department at Ministry Door County Medical Center (MDCMC) has been awarded an Outcomes Excellence Certificate from Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO®) for the first quarter of 2011.

MDCMC exceeded the nationally predicted risk-adjusted Functional Change for four consecutive quarter profile reporting periods. FOTO is a nationwide outcomes database and reporting service for health care providers. These certificates are presented to a select group of providers across the country to recognize the excellence achieved in effectiveness of treatment. By receiving this recognition, MDCMC’s rehabilitation services department has achieved a greater increase in function for their patients than the national average.

FOTO outcomes data are beneficial because they provide a benchmark measure for overall quality and value of the services offered by an organization. According to Deb Whitelaw-Gorski, director of rehabilitation services for MDCMC, “FOTO data collection has helped our outpatient therapy team demonstrate all the good we are doing in a qualitative way. We are proud that the data shows we are efficient in our outpatient care; that we get great outcomes in fewer visits and in shorter periods of time compared to other clinics collecting data. We are also very proud of our therapy staff who provide outpatient care at sites located in Sturgeon Bay at Cherry Point Mall and the hospital, as well as at Algoma Rehabilitation and in Sister Bay at Scandia Good Samaritan.”

Al Amato, FOTO’s President says that Ministry Door County Medical Center’s rehabilitation services department “has proven the quality of their care by exceeding the average performance data of all the progressive organizations across the country who are part of the FOTO network.”

FOTO has provided outcome data to healthcare providers since 1994. More than 1,000 organizations have contributed to the FOTO database.

"Exceptional Care for Exceptional Patients"

Total Mobility Care

  • Arthritis care
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Rehabilitation (PT/OT)
  • Total joint replacement
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Integrative medicine
  • Sports medicine

Dan Tomaszewski, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Steven Davis, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Mark Rasmussen, PA, Orthopedic Surgery

For more info, visit totalmobilitycare.org or call 800.522.8919 or 920.746.0510 to schedule a consultation. Patients can be seen at any of our clinic locations in Sturgeon Bay, Algoma and Fish Creek.

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