Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation is celebrating 20 years of excellence

In an emergency, it’s nice to know that Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation is just a call away. With two helicopters and several ambulances, Ministry Spirit is able to transport critically ill or injured people from outlying hospitals to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital’s Level II Trauma Center for the best care possible.

For 20 years, it has been Ministry Spirit’s mission to provide excellent ground and air transportation for adult, pediatric, neonatal and high-risk obstetrical critical-care patients from referral institutions and scenes of injury to the nearest facility offering the highest level of care needed.

Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation Services are based out of Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital, central and northern Wisconsin’s first verified Level II Trauma Center. Ministry Spirit also has bases at Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rhinelander and Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston, which also includes an advanced life support intercept service. Providing inter-facility transportation for patients requiring advanced life support (ALS) or critical care management to or from tertiary hospitals is of particular importance, and is one of the primary reasons for using Ministry Spirit services.

Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation is not a “911” service, but supports, supplements and assists local and regional emergency services, when it is necessary.

“Time is a critical factor in the outcome of treatment for trauma, heart attack, and stroke victims, “ said Dr. Heong P’ng, Medical Director of the Spirit Ministry Medical Transportation service. “Basing a helicopter in the Northwoods has dramatically reduced the time it takes to transport patients to the region’s trauma and specialty referral centers in Marshfield and Weston / Wausau.”

Ministry Spirit provides services to the residents of central and northern Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Each ground unit is actually a mobile intensive care unit, as are the helicopters. This allows Ministry Spirit to transport the most critically ill patients to advanced care facilities in the safest manner possible.

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