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“Operation: Cover the Children”

Fighting the war in Afghanistan was Sergeant Charles J. Lovelace’s first mission in his 15-year Army Reservist career. When he arrived in Afghanistan, he realized that serving his country was not his only calling.

Sgt. Lovelace found the weather similar to Wisconsin’s. He also discovered that many Afghan children were suffering from exposure due to lack of adequate clothing and shoes. Every day, as many as 150 people, including children, stand in the cold for 3 or 4 hours with bare feet, flip flops, or sandals, waiting for medical care.

Witnessing this, Sgt. Lovelace started “Operation: Cover the Children” to provide shoes for the Afghan children in Bagram and Ghazni.

When Door County Memorial Hospital’s (DCMH) Mission and Values team became aware of this effort, they placed collection boxes at DCMH and its clinics. They collected 397 pairs of shoes, over 400 pairs of socks and received $660, which helped offset shipping fees.

“The response from the DCMH staff and the community was far beyond what we expected,” said Susan Johnson, director of the spiritual services department at DCMH. “The presence of our American military personnel in Afghanistan has given us a window into the lives of Afghan children, who lack the basic necessities that we take for granted in this country.”

Sgt. Lovelace tries to make sure that the shoes fit. “People are willing to take shoes even if they are too small – just to have shoes,” Lovelace said. “I have more shoes and some clothes to give away! Thank you, and keep up the great work.”

SAINTS provides occupational health services

Ministry SAINTS Health Services for Business, affiliated with Door County Memorial Hospital, provides employers with an economical solution for employee wellness, including: drug and alcohol testing, pulmonary function tests, physicals, EKGs, vision testing, and wellness screenings.

The SAINTS clinic has an on-site lab, an electrocardiogram machine, and vision testing machines. DCMH’s diagnostic imaging department provides X-ray services.

“I believe the SAINTS program is an excellent benefit for the industrial community,” said Katie Freeman, RN, operational manager. “Our mission is to help the employers with services that are tailored to fit their needs. Mary Templin, our nurse practitioner, is trained specifically in occupational health and work injuries.”

The Sturgeon Bay location is the fourth site for Ministry Health Care’s SAINTS program. Headquartered in Stevens Point, SAINTS offices are also located in Merrill and Weston.

For more information about SAINTS Health Services for Business, call 920.746.0726 or visit www.ministryhealth.org/SAINTS

Orthopedic care that can get you back in action

With more than 400 bones, joints, ligaments and tendons creating the musculoskeletal system, comprehensive orthopedic care can be critical to keep you moving when injury or disease makes movement painful or impossible.

Fortunately, the Orthopedic Surgery Department at North Shore Medical Clinic and Door County Memorial Hospital specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sports medicine injuries, musculoskeletal repairs, and joint replacement and reconstruction.

Using highly sophisticated diagnostic tools, the orthopedic team can diagnosis and treat injuries and disease affecting the neck, back, spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot; including degenerative arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, and repetitive motion conditions such as carpal tunnel or tennis elbow.

“Correct diagnosis of the problem determines the most effective treatment,” said Steve Davis, MD, orthopedic surgeon. “We will always opt for a minimally invasive procedure if we can get positive results. It often depends on the severity of a disease or injury.”

“Our goal is to get people moving to their maximum potential,” said Daniel Tomaszewski, MD, orthopedic surgeon. “We offer patients a full range of orthopedic surgical services, from minimally invasive arthroscopy to total joint replacement and reconstruction.”

In addition to surgical excellence, the orthopedic department also provides rehabilitation therapy services. After injury or surgery, therapy can help people maintain or regain their body’s range of motion.

To make an appointment with Dr. Tomaszewski, Dr. Davis or Physician Assistant Mark Rasmussen, call 800.522.8919 or 920.746.0510 in Sturgeon Bay, 920.487.3496 in Algoma, or 920.868.3511 in Fish Creek.

Neenah woman finds relief from arthritis SAINTS provides occupational health services

Like many baby boomers, Monica Nichter developed osteoarthritis, which causes progressive damage to joint cartilage. Nichter sought help from pain management specialists and physical therapists in her area.

As a manager with Radiology Associates of the Fox Valley in Neenah, Wisconsin, Nichter had access to information on the best available treatments.

When over-the-counter medications became ineffective, Nichter decided to visit a rheumatologist.

Finding it would take months to see someone in the Fox Valley, she contacted the office of Sarah Keller, MD, a rheumatologist at Door County Memorial Hospital’s North Shore Medical Clinic. She was able to see the doctor that same week.

“Dr. Keller took the time to get to know me – not only my symptoms, but my lifestyle and its effect on my arthritis,” Nichter said. “People can expect a comprehensive evaluation during their first visit with me,” Dr. Keller said. “We do a physical exam to check for swelling, redness, or rashes. Then, I look at other medical problems and tests that the patient may have had.”

Nichter is comfortable discussing any topic with Keller. “She answers my questions openly and honestly about special diets or touted ‘miracle drugs’ that guarantee arthritis relief,” Nichter said. “Sarah explains my options and creates a care plan.”

Nichter takes medication and receives Cortisone injections (an anti-inflammatory medication) about every six months, which gives her the ability to get through her day without pain.

“Joint injections are a big part of what I do,” said Keller. “They are often preferred over medications-by-mouth, which can have potential side effects. The worst that can happen with the joint injection is that it might not work. There are usually no side effects.”

Dr. Keller said that joint pain is the most common complaint of her patients. “If anyone has joint pain, especially in the knees, hips, shoulders, or hands, that is not getting better, it is probably a good idea to get it checked by a rheumatologist,” Dr. Keller said.

Dr. Keller is board certified in internal medicine and fellowship trained in rheumatology. “I can always fit someone into my day or week,” she said. “I am happy to try and help anyone who is having problems.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Keller, call North Shore Medical Clinic, 920.746.0510.

For occupational health, SAINTS Health Services is an excellent choice.

SAINTS Health Services for Business is your comprehensive, occupational health care provider.

We deliver cost effective health care services to area businesses and industries.

SAINTS offers a team of health care professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physical therapists, and health educators at our clinic sites and your work site.

Our full range of occupational health services include:

  • drug and alcohol testing
  • injury treatment and management
  • industrial rehabilitation
  • health and wellness promotion
  • regulatory compliance services

SAINTS is a part of Ministry Health Care – Door County Memorial Hospital, which means that you can receive services through all of DCMH’s clinic locations.

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