Save money on medical bills.

Save money on medical bills.

Give your doctor as much information as you can. If you've recently had tests or X-rays at other facilities, make sure you bring copies of them to your next doctor's visit. By providing this information, you may avoid re-testing.

If you have insurance, review your bill carefully to make sure the covered charges are paid by your insurance company. Also, look at the explanation of benefits supplied by your insurance company for each medical claim. If you question a charge or disagree with the insurance company's assessment, ask questions. Keep asking until you get an answer that is satisfactory.

Talk to your health care provider. Ask if discounts or other programs are available. Remember to ask if you REALLY need the treatment, test, or medication or if it is optional. Ask if the treatment can be postponed and if so, what and how often adverse reactions, conditions, and/or consequences may affect your overall health. Know the benefits and risks and then make a sound medical decision.

Negotiate payment plans. Some providers offer discounts for same day payment, but be careful not to put such charges on a credit card -- the savings that you may realize from same-day-payment may be swallowed up by interest if you don't pay your credit card off every month.

Check with drug companies to see if they offer free or discounted prescription drug programs. You can find links to more information about drug assistance and other medical assistance programs at or . You can find other information at,, and

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