Be safe. Be smart.

Be safe. Be smart.

Before starting any new medicine or dietary supplement (including vitamins or herbal supplements), ask again if there are possible interactions with medications you are currently using.

By reviewing your complete list of medication formulations, your health care provider or pharmacist can help you determine the best way to proceed with your treatment.

Your list should not only name all medications, vitamins, minerals and supplements, but also should note how often and what time of day you take them, the reason the medication was prescribed and the name and telephone number of the doctor who prescribed it. Make copies for your doctor, pharmacist, wallet, home, and for a loved one.

Make sure that you tell your health care provider about any health conditions that you have. Do you have difficulty swallowing? Are you pregnant or nursing? Are you trying to become pregnant? These factors will also play a role in the type and dosage of medication you are prescribed.

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