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Eastern Wisconsin

Advanced Access: appointments to fit your schedule

Want to be seen by a family medicine doctor on the same day you call?

Since January 2009, Family Practice providers at North Shore Medical Clinic, Sturgeon Bay have been piloting Advanced Access. The program offers patients the ability to schedule a same-day appointment at the patient’s convenience. The new service was announced by Door County Memorial Hospital which owns clinic sites in Sturgeon Bay, Fish Creek, Washington Island, and Algoma.

“In the past, patients at many clinics waited or needed to call weeks or months in advance to schedule their physicals. Making some minor changes to a very busy provider schedule can help minimize delays for patients,” said Sue Raduenz, North Shore’s director of clinic operations.

Advanced Access allows people to be treated on the same day for a variety of health care conditions ranging from annual physicals to acute problems such as ear infections, colds, or flu. Some procedures may require a follow-up visit to determine the best treatment. “Advanced Access is not a walk-in clinic,” said Raduenz. Patients should call ahead so they receive the time they request for their appointment.

For example, someone who phones at 9 a.m. may be able to see their regular doctor at 1 p.m. that day. Patients must still call ahead to schedule an appointment, but the effort will be to schedule at the patient’s convenience.

“We want to keep patients happy. If they have a health problem and want to get it taken care of, they do not want to wait,” Raduenz said. People who prefer to plan ahead for their annual physicals and other health appointments can continue to do so. “If they want to book a physical for next year or for three months from now, they still can do so,” said Raduenz.

For more information or to make an appointment with a North Shore affiliated provider, call 920.746.0510.

“Art for Health” benefits children

Free children’s health programs, emphasizing music and visual arts, are part of Door County Memorial Hospital’s Art for Health initiative. The programs help kids experience the arts and the role art plays in healthy lives.

Art for Health allows children with or without difficulties and communication disorders an opportunity to work one-on-one with artists and volunteers during the workshops. Children will perform music and create art alongside Dorothy Scott. Scott has international and national experience working with children and music. Other local musicians and artists will also participate in workshops.

Kevin Lukes, the hospital’s director of marketing and public relations, knows firsthand the value of arts for healing. Three years ago, his son, Mason, was diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder (a form of autism). Lukes noticed that whenever he played his guitar or piano, Mason’s demeanor changed. Mason would instantly calm down, pick up his toy guitar and start strumming along.

“The world for my son moves at a high speed,” Lukes said. “But when he focuses in on the music, he seems to be a different person; it takes him to a different level.”

DCMH’s Art for Health events also include local concerts, art exhibitions, and programs for adults. The Art for Health program was created in response to abundant research about the art and health link.

The series continues into the summer with “Broadway Song Birds” on July 1, “The Beat and Beyond” on August 5, and “A Poem in your Pocket and Beads of Courage” on September 2. The 2009 program culminates on September 26, when workshop participants have an opportunity to perform with musicians during a “Celebration of Community” concert at Door Community Auditorium, Fish Creek.

“The programs may have fun names and fun activities, but we attempt to develop kids in some way – whether it is helping them build self-confidence or enhancing social interaction,” said Jenny Fischer, director of DCMH’s Women’s and Children’s Center.

Each 45-minute workshop takes place on the first Wednesday of each month, March through September, in the Children’s Health Center at DCMH.

Children may be registered for one or all of the classes by emailing ArtForHealth@ministryhealth.org.

Since class size is limited, parents are encouraged to register their children early. For more information, visit ministryhealth.org/DCMH/home.nws

Phillip Arnold, DO, certified as United States Ski Team Physician

Phillip Arnold, DO, a physician with Ministry Health Care in Door County, recently completed his certification as a U.S. Ski Team physician.

Dr. Arnold joins a medical pool of just 120 other physicians who travel regularly with the ski team and provide care during World Cup and other events around the globe. During his two-year internship, Dr. Arnold accompanied the freestyle team to World Cup events in Italy, France, and Austria.

“It’s a great honor to work with the best skiers America has to offer,” Dr. Arnold said. “The organization is amazing in terms of its leadership and dedication. The coaches, trainers, and athletes are just fantastic to work with.”

Dr. Arnold has practiced as a family physician at the North Shore Medical Clinic for the past three years. He completed his residency at the University of Wisconsin – Madison / Baraboo and completed a sports medicine fellowship at Virginia Tech. While at Virginia Tech, Dr. Arnold was introduced to the ski team by his program director, Gunnar Brolinson, DO, who was also the former head physician for the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team.

While on the road with the team, Dr. Arnold, working with the team’s athletic trainer, will be responsible for the assessment and treatment of the athletes’ acute medical problems. “Every day on the hill, skiers face the risk of severe injuries: closed head trauma, major fractures, dislocations, or issues requiring hospitalization in a foreign country,” he said. “The medical team is there to coordinate medical care for these injuries in addition to the day-to-day medical issues that require basic primary care.”

Participation with the United States Ski Team is a volunteer effort. Physicians pay their own travel and other expenses. “The team does feed us though,” Arnold said. “We all live and eat together for the most part.” Lodging on the road on the World Cup circuit requires that teams stay in places where breakfast and dinner are provided onsite. Arnold added, “The food is better in some places than in others, but it’s always interesting. It is fun to get to know the teams during the communal dining.”

This August, Dr. Arnold will accompany the U.S. Mogul Ski Team to El Colorado, Chile, in South America. “This three-week training camp prepares the athletes for the upcoming season,” he said. “It will be a particularly exciting year with the Olympics right around the corner in 2010.”

Dr. Arnold believes that the experience he gained while working with the elite group of athletes on the U.S. Ski Team will allow him to bring the same level of care home to Door County residents. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Arnold, call 920.746.0510 or 920.868.3511.



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