If you smoke and want to stop

If you smoke and want to stop

If you smoke and want to stop, there is hope Ministry Behavioral Health can help people stop the addiction, whether it is to tobacco,alcohol, another substance, or destructive behavior. “There are two main classifications of addiction,” said Mike Slavin, AODA counselor at Ministry Behavioral Health in Stevens Point. “Physical addiction is the body’s physical and increasing dependence on a substance to function. Psychological addiction creates a strong psychologically and emotionally-based craving for the substance or behavior. Addiction occurs when a person is compelled to get the drug
or participate in destructive behavior, and  feels he or she no longer has a choice. Smoking is particularly addictive in both the physical and psychological areas.”

Cost of a $500,000 life insurance policy*

*Annual cost for 40-year-old at 2009 rates

  Male Female
non-smoker: $852 $747
smoker: $1757 $1407

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