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Alex looks forward to this summer without a broken arm

Alex is an active young man who loves running, baseball and playing like any 6-yearold boy does.

Daniel Tomaszewski, MD, examined Alex’s arm after the cast was removed.

About a year ago, Alex’s activities were curtailed after he fell on his left arm during a family camping trip at Peninsula State Park in Door County.

“We estimate he fell at least five feet and that’s a long fall for a young person,” said Tina, Alex’s mother. “He was in so much pain that he could hardly move at all. Fortunately, we found a park ranger who drove us back to our campsite.”

Tina and Mike, Alex’s parents, took him to the emergency department (ED) at Door County Memorial Hospital (DCMH). The medical staff helped Alex feel comfortable and soothed his parents’ nerves. Alex’s X-rays showed a broken humerus.

Daniel Tomaszewski, MD

Daniel Tomaszewski, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with North Shore Medical Clinic and DCMH, was notified of Alex’s situation and arrived at the ED to help.

“It was a Saturday and ‘Dr. Dan’ took the time to come in and look at Alex,” said Tina. “It was a clean break in his left arm, and he needed surgery to have two pins put in. So just like that, without hesitation, we were in surgery and everything went perfect. Dr. Dan is phenomenal.”

Tina appreciated Dr. Tomaszewski’s skills and personal care. “If I had any questions, Dr. Dan was right there with the answers,” she said. “His bedside manner with both Alex and me was very special. He really connected with both of us.”

After the surgery, Alex stayed one night in DCMH’s medical / surgical unit. Tina joined her son by staying in the same room. “The staff at the hospital was great. They offered us anything we needed during our stay.”

Early the next morning, Dr. Tomaszewski came to see Alex and prepare him for discharge.

Following surgery, Alex initially wore a cloth cast. Later, he wore a hard cast for about 4 weeks. In fact, Alex started school in fall 2009 with the cast on his arm. Of course, all his classmates wanted to sign their names or draw pictures on the cast, creating quite a piece of artwork.

Alex said he wanted to save his cast when it was removed, but his mom said that after wearing it for weeks it was beginning to get a little unbearable, so she took pictures instead.

However, Alex was able to save the pins that Dr. Tomaszewski removed from his arm. Today, Alex is participating in all the activities that he enjoys. When Alex was asked how he feels today, he said, “I feel great. It doesn’t feel like anything (bad) anymore.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Daniel Tomaszewski, call North Shore Medical Clinic at 920.746.0510 or 920.522.8919. More information on DCMH’s Total Mobility Care is online at ministryhealth.org.

“Surf’s up” for a recovering shoulder surgery patient

Steven Davis, MD, explains the surgical procedure to Dennis Schermerhorn.

When you think about surfing, Wisconsin waters probably do not come to mind – but Dennis Schermerhorn of Sturgeon Bay is one of many people who surf Lake Michigan.

While Schermerhorn loves surfing and other sports, at times he had his activities hampered by the pain of badly torn rotator cuffs. In September 2007, he had surgery on his right shoulder at Door County Memorial Hospital.

Last September, the need for surgery on his left rotator cuff became apparent. “I was surfing and made the final tear in my shoulder, which was extremely painful,” said Schermerhorn, 55. “I knew I had to do


Schermerhorn made an appointment with Steven Davis, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at North Shore Medical Clinic, who had performed the surgery on his right rotator cuff.

Schermerhorn said the decision to return to Dr. Davis was easy. The care that he received from Dr. Davis, the nurses, surgery team and Rehab Services at Door County Memorial Hospital impressed him.

Today, he is able to move with ease, lift items over his head and pursue sports with enthusiasm. “I can surf and ski,” he said. “I can do things pain-free. Everything!”

Schermerhorn recommends Dr. Davis to other people who need shoulder surgery. Initially, Schermerhorn was referred to Dr. Davis by his primary care physician, Phillip Arnold, DO, of North Shore Medical Clinic.

“Everybody thinks when they hear rotator cuff surgery that they have to go to a larger metropolitan facility to receive quality care, but we have Dr. Davis, one of the best surgeons in the area, right here in Door County,” said Schermerhorn.

Dr. Davis performed two different types of surgeries on Schermerhorn’s shoulders. The right side was a mini-open repair with arthroscopy. The surgeon made a small incision and used arthroscopy to see the tear and assess and treat damages within the joint.

The surgical technique performed on Schermerhorn’s left rotator cuff involved multiple small incisions and arthroscopic technology to visualize and repair the damage.

“I have to mention the great care I got from Door County Memorial Hospital – from the nursing staff to surgical staff and the physical rehab professionals,” said Schermerhorn.

The DCMH Rehabilitation Services’ therapists take time to develop specific goals for each patient based on the therapist’s determination of that patient’s goal. “For people recovering from shoulder surgery, for example, the priorities are usually regaining full range of motion and decreasing pain,” said Bill Herbst, physical therapist and athletic trainer. “After that, we work on strengthening the shoulder and getting it back to specific functions that the patient wants to perform at work or at home.

If patients want to golf, play basketball, or in Dennis’ case, surf, we focus on what they need to do to get their lives back to normal. “Dr. Davis told me it was the worst tear he ever operated on,” Schermerhorn said.

“Considering the circumstances, it was overall a great experience for me.” To make an appointment with orthopedic surgeon Steven Davis, MD, call North Shore Medical Clinic at 800.522.8919 or 920.746.0510 or visit www.totalmobilitycare.org.

Total Mobility Care

Door County Memorial Hospital’s Total Mobility Care initiative combines multiple service lines to prevent, diagnose and treat injuries of the joints, muscles and bones.

From sports medicine and rehab to arthritis care and total joint replacement, we provide personal, complete care, supported by state-of-the-art technology and facilities.

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Rehab (PT/OT)
  • Arthritis Care
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Sports Medicine


With seven knee surgeries behind him and more in his future, George Walther was looking for a committed, personal approach.

Two successful shoulder surgeries had Dennis Schermerhorn surfing the beaches of Door County once again.


Thanks to Door County Memorial Hospital’s advanced surgical and therapy services, Barb Tolzmann was able to return to the full motion of her life.

For more information, visit www.totalmobilitycare.org.

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