Parents can trust the moment-by-moment care of the NICU

Parents can trust the moment-by-moment care of the NICU

If your little miracle decides to arrive ahead of schedule, you can count on the quality care that your baby will receive at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The minute-by-minute care needed in the NICU is provided by a highly-trained team of pediatric specialists that take care of the smallest babies – babies like Adam, Logan and Timothy Suchy.

The triplets were born 16 weeks early and weighed little more than a pound each. After delivery, the babies were rushed to the NICU. Unable to breathe by themselves, endotracheal tubes were inserted and attached to ventilators until the tiny brothers were able to breathe on their own.

With such fragile systems, babies often develop pneumonia and other infections that need to be treated immediately. Adam, Logan and Timothy were in the NICU for 3 months.

“Having triplets born at 28 weeks was a nervous experience but everyone at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital gave my babies the best care possible,” said Tamara Suchy.

The highly-trained specialists on the NICU staff have a long-standing reputation for providing the region’s highest level of individualized critical care to extremely high-risk infants and those with complex and critical illnesses including premature birth, heart or lung problems, or other serious and life-threatening conditions.

State-of-the-art monitoring equipment, like “Brainz,” allows NICU staff to monitor the baby’s brain function 24 hours a day. They monitor heart and breathing rates and patterns, blood-oxygen levels and blood pressure. This moment-by-moment monitoring allows the NICU staff to respond quickly. Today, the boys, who are 3 years old, enjoy playing together and helping out with gardening projects.

Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is one of only three Children’s Hospitals in the state equipped to help babies like the Suchy triplets. The 24-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is the only Level IIIB NICU in central and northern Wisconsin.

The NICU offers 24-hour comprehensive specialized services provided by Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield Laboratories, and the Marshfield Medical Research Foundation.

Merrill couple has twins 13 weeks early

Born 13 weeks early, weighing less than two pounds each, twins Isabelle and Delana Podeweltz, were anxious to meet their parents, Ryan and Jennifer of Merrill. For the first-time parents, this had been an incredible journey that ended with an unexpected delivery. Isabelle and Delana were due on March 30, 2012, but were delivered early on December 28, 2011 at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield.

The birth process almost occurred at the beginning of December when Jenny experienced spotting and went to Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Wausau for care. She found out that her cervix was thinning and she was having contractions every two to three minutes. Jenny was then taken to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital to be monitored. She was given medicine to slow down the contractions and remained at the hospital in Marshfield until the birth. “I was nervous because I couldn’t feel the contractions and I didn’t want anything to happen, it was too early for them to come out,” said Jenny.

On December 27, Jenny had a check-up and ultrasound and learned she was doing well and the babies had each gained one pound. The next day was suddenly a different story when her water broke at 8:20 a.m. Jenny was given steroids and antibiotics to slow down the delivery process. Unfortunately, that did not work and in the afternoon, Jenny began having contractions along with immense pain and the feeling to push. The girls were delivered via C-section at 3:05 and 3:06 p.m. and were immediately taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital to be monitored in isolettes as they were unable to breathe and eat on their own.

Ryan and Jenny had to take the first few months of Isabelle and Delana’s lives one day at a time. “It was hard to see how little they were, my wedding band could fit around their arms,” Ryan said. The couple spent many days with the hospital staff and many nights at the Ronald McDonald House as their babies remained in the NICU. “The nurses and doctors were great, they kept us informed and made the environment calm.” Ryan said, “They just didn’t take care of the girls, they took care of us too.”

Now, 5 months later, Isabelle weighs in at 11 pounds two ounces and Delana is 11 pounds four and one half ounces. They have been at home with their parents since March 17 and are happy and healthy. “Life at home is much different than before, but we have adjusted quite well. The girls are constantly smiling especially at bath time, they love the water,” said Jenny.

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