Summer 2012 Cover

On the cover:

"Kids" is an original pastel painted by Jan MacFarlane.

MacFarlane takes the time to see, investigate and savor the richness of color, texture and shapes found in nature.

"I find that taking the time to see is the best part of my working in art,” said Jan MacFarlane. “There are the new-found purples, pinks and blues of the formerly white clouds."

"There is the amazingly complex texture of the skin and shell of a snapping turtle, a creature which in the past was something to avoid hitting as it tried to cross the road in front of me."

"There are the gracefully curved horns, the bony haunches and the oddly rectangular pupils of the goat, an animal which formerly was just another farm animal."

"These treasures of nature have always been there, but unless we take the time, we miss their beauty and uniqueness."

"While painting goats, the challenge is to capture a bit of their spirit, their goatishness, which brings its own reward."

"I take time to see what nature has to offer, and then I take time to create my vision of what I have seen. This means that I can’t crank out art like an assembly line. It’s a slow process."

To learn more about MacFarlane’s paintings, contact her at

Jan MacFarlane’s move to Northern Wisconsin from Minneapolis in 2005 to start a new life prompted her to also start a new art form. Drawing was her first love, but when she arrived for her first art lesson with Doug Thomas, he asked if she would like to try pastels. "Sure, why not" was her reply and she hasn’t regretted that decision for a moment.

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