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LEARN program produces results that count
Worksite wellness partnerships work
Saint Elizabeth’s is a healthy place for the heart, mind and soul
Why shop the farmers market?
Wabasha Riverboat Days


LEARN program produces results that count

The numbers speak for themselves: 256 pounds and 181 inches lost; 2.5 percent improvement in Body Mass Index (BMI); 24-point reduction in triglycerides; 4-point decrease in cholesterol; and a marked improvement in blood pressure.

These numbers represent the shared success of 16 Plainview men and women who completed the 12-week, life-changing LEARN program hosted by Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Wabasha.

The LEARN program works for employees.

Sixteen employees of Foresight Bank and People’s State Bank in Plainview participated in the LEARN program through Saint Elizabeth’s worksite wellness partnership with both businesses.

Seeing an opportunity, Saint Elizabeth’s invited employees of both banks to join forces and participate in a noon-hour LEARN program. LEARN (an acronym for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitudes, Relationships and Nutrition), is a comprehensive healthy living and weight management program backed by over 30 years of research and scientific evidence.

During the 12-week program, employees were guided through a structured health and wellness program by registered dietitians certified in weight management who were trained facilitators.

Throughout the series, Plainview participants LEARNed:

  • how to make healthy lifestyle changes through weekly coaching
  • how to eat healthy and make informed choices
  • how to increase physical activity
  • how to set realistic and achievable goals to meet their own unique objectives.

"The strength of the LEARN program is the personalized and tailored approach to goal setting," said Julie Jacobs, registered dietitian and facilitator of LEARN. "We want everyone to succeed. Every participant has individual expectations and desired results. For some, it’s losing weight; for another it’s lowering blood pressure or reducing cholesterol; for others, it’s eating healthier. Prior to each group session, we meet face-to-face with each participant for weigh-ins and measurements. These meetings give us an opportunity to provide personalized coaching."

LEARN’s group sessions are also powerful.

Participants gain valuable information and resources as they offer help and support to one another. It’s an exchange of tips, tools, emotions and encouragement that fuels group members to stick with it.

Registered dietitian and LEARN facilitator Julie
Jacobs (right) reviews results of the Well Screen
Health Profile with Lori Wolf (left) of Foresight
Bank in Plainview.
With the collaboration of People’s and Foresight Banks, the ability to offer the program to employees during the workday added to the success of that program. "Sessions were initially held at various places provided by the two banks," said Jacobs. "Then we were offered the free use of space at Plainview Business Center. It was a win-win for everyone."

One member shared, "I liked the convenience of having weekly meetings at work over my lunch break. It was helpful to have the support of co-workers, and to share ideas and suggestions."

Other participants said, "Every week, I looked forward to the smiles and encouragement from others in the class."

"It was not only helpful in learning a new and healthy way of living, but it was fun!"

After the formal 12-week program was completed, a majority of members opted to continue in the LEARN maintenance program. This voluntary option provides additional support to those who need accountability in meeting long-term goals.

"The aim of this program is not about short cuts and quick fixes," added Jacobs. "It’s about long-lasting lifestyle changes. New habits are not formed overnight or even in a couple of weeks. Maintenance coaching, education and support supplements and extends the change process."

The success of this group of bank employees has spurred an interest to offer another LEARN series in Plainview. Plans are now underway to schedule another 12-week program over the noon hour. The program is open to anyone, 18 years or older. To learn more about the program and registration, contact Julie Jacobs at Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center at 651.565.5554.


Worksite wellness partnerships work

Saint Elizabeth’s collaborates with area businesses to provide a package of onsite wellness programs and services designed to benefit their employees, and ultimately their businesses. The foundation of a strong worksite wellness program includes a comprehensive wellness assessment.

Businesses can offer Saint Elizabeth’s Well Screen to all interested employees. The Well Screen combines results of a health risk assessment with a blood draw and other critical measurements (blood pressure / girth / height / weight) to provide participants with an individualized health profile.

"The first step in committing to health improvement is knowing your numbers," explains Julie Jacobs, registered dietitian and facilitator of LEARN. "Once employees know how their health indicators match up with recommended guidelines, they can begin to identify the changes they need to make for long-term health improvement.

One component of the Well Screen, is a one-on-one consultation with a clinician. At this session, we review the employee’s health profile results, identify risk factors and make recommendations for improvement."

The package of onsite workplace wellness programs and services may include:

  • Well Screen (biometric lab draw, blood pressure, girth, height / weight and health risk assessment), including individualized health profiles and an aggregate report for organizational wellness planning
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • LEARN Weight Loss and Healthy Living program
  • Wellness Consultation
  • Health & Wellness Education Classes
  • From Here to Harvest Stress Reduction series
  • Fitness & Healthy Eating Campaigns

To learn more about how your business can benefit from the worksite wellness services offered by Saint Elizabeth’s, contact Jim Root, vice president of Human Resources at 651-565-5526.


Saint Elizabeth’s is a healthy place for the heart, mind and soul

Saint Elizabeth’s Independent and Assisted Living provides a comfortable, safe and caring environment that embraces the importance of independence, respect and privacy for all resident guests.

Lucy Strohmeier enjoys the security
and freedom of Saint Elizabeth’s
Independent and Assisted Living.
It’s the place that ninety-one-year-old Lucy Strohmeier is happy to call her home. She enjoys her comfortable apartment, wonderful meals and the friendships she has made with fellow apartment residents. But what tops her list is the care she receives and the freedom she’s given.

"Everyone knows me by name," Lucy smiles. "It feels like one big family. The staff at Saint Elizabeth’s treats me like they would their own mother. They are so kind and thoughtful."

Lucy also values the independence to come and go, and participate in events and activities as she pleases. Another benefit is easy and convenient access to her physician and other hospital services. Since moving to Saint Elizabeth’s, she has successfully recovered from three back surgeries.

"Everything is under one roof," she adds. "My four children don’t live in the area, so they appreciate knowing that I feel safe and secure. Anyone who doesn’t choose to live here is really missing something!"

When a person calls Saint Elizabeth’s home, he or she enjoys the gracious hospitality of our warm and friendly staff and participates in programs and services to live life to the fullest while maximizing freedom and peace of mind.

Saint Elizabeth’s Apartments are designed so that residents can enjoy an active, independent lifestyle – or have the benefit of daily living activity assistance.

Each spacious apartment offers a pleasing and home-like atmosphere with a kitchenette area, a living bedroom and handicapped-accessible bathroom, a 24-hour emergency call system and a resident controlled heat and air conditioning system.

The facility is a microcosm of society with fireplace lounges, laundry areas, a worship center, fitness rooms and patio and picnic areas. There’s even an onsite beauty and barber shop so residents can always look their best when dining or socializing in the group activity areas.

If you are thinking about a move, you might want to meet with Saint Elizabeth’s staff to discuss your health needs and preferences and take a guided tour of the facility and apartments.

For more information, call 651.565.4531.


Why shop the farmers market?

Shopping at your local farmers market gives you the opportunity to purchase fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of freshness. Farmers market produce usually has a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that may reduce your risk of disease.

Wabasha Farmers Markets hours:
  • Mondays, 2 – 6 p.m. Saint Elizabeth’s
  • Thursdays, 2 – 6 p.m. under the bridge


Wabasha Riverboat Days

5K & 10K River Run

Free – Kids’ Half-Mile FUN Run & 5K Fitness Walk

Saturday, July 27, 2013

5K and 10K Walk Start Time: 8 a.m.

Kids’ Fun Run Start Time: 8:15 a.m.

Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center 12 Grant Boulevard, Wabasha, Minnesota

Register online at: www.wayzataresultsentry.com by 11:30 p.m. July 26

Same-day registration begins at 6:30 a.m.

Advanced Registration: $15

Same-day Registration: $20

Optional T-shirt: $10

The course will consist of city streets along the Mississippi River. Water and refreshments will be provided.

Plan to stick around for Riverboat Days Festival activities throughout the day!

For information, call 651.565.5596 or email semcinfo@ministryhealth.org.


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