Creating a health history

Creating a health history

Your health history should include:

Personal health history
List current health conditions that you are dealing with and the treatments that have been prescribed.
List past health issues you have had and what was done to treat them.
Make a list of past surgeries and dates.
List the dates and types of immunizations that you have had.
List all allergies: including food, medicine, latex or other allergens.

Family health history
List all the major illnesses or conditions that your mother experienced. If she is deceased, include her age at the time of death and any known cause.
Do this as well for your father, brothers, sisters, maternal grandparents and paternal grandparents
List other health care providers that you have visited and the reason for the visit

The information that you provide to your health care provider will help him or her diagnose your problem, recommend the best treatment, and give you guidance for disease prevention. Remember, to answer all the questions your health care provider asks you honestly.

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