Cost-saving ideas for a Thanksgiving Celebration

Cost-saving ideas for a Thanksgiving Celebration

Create a meal that your family likes. While turkey is the traditional meat of choice at Thanksgiving; it is by no means the only choice. Take a poll; ask what favorite foods family members want to include this year. This will ensure the leftovers have a home and the food is not wasted.

Invite someone who lives alone to join your family celebration.

Use organic material, gourds, corn, and silk flowers to create a centerpiece rather than buying an expensive bouquet.

Use your computer to create decorations, paper napkin rings, and other items that you would normally purchase at the store. If you don’t have time, visit the local dollar-type store for inexpensive Thanksgiving-themed paper items.

Don’t forget to be thankful. At the dinner table, place a corn kernel, pinecone or other seasonal item at each place setting. Circulate a basket around the table and have everyone drop in their item in the basket as they state one or more things that they were thankful for this year.

Have the older generation share Thanksgiving stories or stories for which they were thankful with the younger generation. Talk about favorite Thanksgiving traditions of the past. Appoint a family scribe to take notes so the memories are not lost.

Serve others by volunteering to serve dinner to people who are less fortunate.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect; the focus should be on the people at your celebration rather than the preparations or activities. Your traditions should create a sense of togetherness and strengthen relationships.

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