Traditions create a sense of belonging

Traditions create a sense of belonging

Traditions not only bring us together, they create a sense of belong and strengthen relationships. The holidays are a great time to continue family traditions or create a new one.

When creating a family tradition, it is important to discuss what is important to each family member – be prepared for a varied list as individual as all the people present. Some people will want special activities and still others will want special foods and scents involved.

Time and willingness to try new things are the most important elements when creating a tradition. During the holiday, especially when money may be tight, take time to bake and decorate cookies together. Have a contest for the funniest, most colorful, most frosted, or most realistic decorated cookie. The key is to make it fun and continue the tradition every year.

Traditions don’t have to be expensive to be cherished: take a nighttime drive to see the lights, watch a video that the family enjoys, or volunteer to serve others.

Creating traditions for young children and teaching them about the value of traditions are gifts that will last a lifetime. Traditions help people stay close and connected.

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