Technological Stress

Technological Stress

There is no question that technology allows us to do produce more work more quickly.

From spreadsheets that automatically calculate columns of numbers, to word processing programs that automatically correct spelling errors and grammar, technology serves us well as we produce documents, reports, re-touch and resize images. However, the ability to automate many of our work activities may also cause stress.

Many people in today’s business world cannot get away from the responsibilities of the office. Laptops, cell phones, and PDAs allow us to be connected and accessible virtually everywhere – in the car, in a canoe, in the woods – blurring the line between work and personal life.

Working on weekends used to mean actually traveling to the office. With the invention of remote-access software, employees can now tap into the employers’ computer and retrieve the information that they need to work on the report at home – creating increased expectations for performance.

In many cases, technology has not made the work-week shorter, it has lengthened it.

Technology allows us to multi-task – we can talk on the cell phone while viewing email, printing a document, and warming up our coffee in the microwave. Constant multi-tasking can overload our mental function and lead to forgetfulness, disruption of sleep patterns, and irritability.

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